Friday, February 1, 2013

Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Minnesota Drug Recognition Evaluators Program

Press Conference Notice and Press Release
Press Conference
Date/Time: 2-4-2013 – 1:00 P.M.
Where:       Room 181 of the State Office Building
What:         Press Conference regarding the filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit against the     State of Minnesota and its agents
Contact:     Nathan Hansen (651-216-6044) or Alan Milstein (856)-661-2078
Press Release
Minneapolis, Minnesota (U.S.A) – Today, Saint Paul attorney Nathan Hansen and New Jersey attorney Alan Milstein filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in Minneapolis on behalf of Forest Olivier, Michael Bounds, Wia Day, Adam Laguna, Daniel Bell and Zachary Lorenz  against the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota State Patrol and various law enforcement entities and personnel involved in what is  known as the Drug  Recognition Evaluators Program which was suspended due to the activity described in the Complaint.
The two-count Complaint alleges that these defendants designed and implemented a pernicious human research experiment exposing young people from minority and/or disadvantaged backgrounds to various illegal drugs in an effort use these individuals as human guinea pigs for the benefit of law enforcement. The experiment, of course, had no scientific or forensic validity, and could never have been approved as competent human research. But not only was the experiment unethical by design, the defendants conducted their research without the informed consent of the human subjects, thus violating the most essential ethical requirements which form the basis of our laws and regulations governing human subject research. 

Mr. Hansen practices in the field of Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense. Mr. Milstein is a nationally recognized litigator who has been a pioneer in the field of representing human subjects injured in unethical research experiments.

For more information on this lawsuit, you may contact Attorney Nathan Hansen at (651) 704-9600 or at or Alan Milstein at (856) 661-2078 or