Friday, June 8, 2012

Minnesota Drug Recognition Evaluator (Expert) Program NOT suspended.

Since the Minnesota State Patrol was caught handing out drugs to people on the street and then testing them for intoxication, the State Patrol has asserted that the program has been "suspended"  This is totally false and is a lie by omission.  Persons trained by this psuedo-scientific farce continue to patrol our roads and use these "skills" that they learned from giving street drugs to people without any medical supervision on a daily basis in Minnesota.

In elementary school we learned about the scientific method and control groups.  The Minnesota DRE program just picks up people off the streets, gives them unknown quantities and types of drugs and then "evaluates" them.  This is completely unscientific, yet the State of Minnesota and police departments in Minnesota are still stubbornly claiming that this "training" provides the foundation for people to be arrested and incarcerated and charged with crimes.  Testimony of people trained to be DREs is also used to convict people of crimes.  They testify in court that their "training" makes them able to determine that people are under the influence of drugs.  In the absence of any other objective testing, this completely subjective opinion of the DRE is offered as evidence that someone was under the influence of some drug.

I learned today from an Assistant Attorney General who represents the Minnesota State Patrol that they stand by this program and that it continues to be used on a daily basis in Minnesota.  There is absolutely not one bit of contrition for the methods and lack of methodology of this program.  Frankly, picking people up on the street and giving them street drugs is a violation of fundamental human rights, in my opinion.  In any case, it does nothing to ameliorate the drug problem in the United States.

We have reached a point in this country where the government has no shame whatsoever.  Call Governor Mark Dayton's Office and demand that he tell the truth and suspend any aspect of this completely unscientific and illegal DRE program immediately:  651-201-3400.  Governor Dayton should take immediate action to suspend any aspect of this completely illegal and unscientific program.  At the time I write this, no cops or troopers have been charged with any crime related to disseminating street drugs to people.  I wonder how many people have been charged with marijuana possession in Minnesota since the Minnesota State Troopers were giving out pot to people at their "training" facility in Richfield last month?

Why hasn't ANYONE been fired?  Why do all of these cops and troopers who were present while street drugs were being administered to these victims still have their jobs?  The only officer who should be spared is the one who blew the whistle on the rest of them.  The justice system in Minnesota is not taking these crimes seriously.  The Governor is not taking this matter seriously.  That this program continues is unbelievable.  That grown-up people with college degrees assert with a straight face that this is a legitimate program is a testament to the almost complete loss of critical thinking across the entire population of the United States.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

State of Minnesota brings criminal charges for distribution of raw milk.


The state of Minnesota has brought criminal charges against an individual, Alvin Schlangen, for assisting citizens of Minnesota in lawfully obtaining raw milk. Raw milk is unpasteurized milk that is legal to obtain and consume in Minnesota and most of the rest of the world, including Iran, Egypt, Libya and Syria.

Alvin Schlangen is part of a private buying club that obtains raw milk directly from a farm and distributes it only to other members of this club. He does not sell raw milk to the general public. Minnesota Statute allows people to obtain raw milk, however, the authorities in the state of Minnesota interpret this law to mean that there is no practical legal circumstance under which anyone could lawfully obtain and consume raw milk.

A copy of the criminal complaint is here.

Alvin Schlangen faces jail time for a legal and beneficial activity - helping people obtain healthful and good food.

Call Minnesota Department of Agriculture Dave Frederickson at 651-201-6000 and demand that he stop his prosecution of Alvin Schlangen. Call Minneapolis City Attorney Susan L. Segal at 612-673-2010 and demand that she stop her cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in these oppressive and ridiculous charges. Also, contact Governor Mark Dayton at 651-201-3400 and demand that he stop wasting Minnesota taxpayer dollars on ridiculous prosecutions for legal activities. Call these people and tell them that you would like your freedom back.

It's utterly absurd that the US is killing people in countries where persons who consume raw milk are not prosecuted to bring them freedom. The United States is becoming known as one of the most oppressive police states on earth. Mr. Schlangen's criminal trial on his raw milk charges is set for May 14, 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He faces 90 days in jail on each of 4 counts for possessing raw milk.