Monday, August 22, 2011

New documents obtained from MN DOT, Contracts re: Vehicle Tracking System

I obtained some more documents from MN DOT recently, related to my request for documents related to its electronic tracking system for vehicles. These are contracts related to this program and contain all manner of military industrial complex agencies like SAIC, which has a very questionable looking contract.

Please take a look at them here, more on these later. If you have the time, please write about these.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scam Alert: John Dunn, Little Rock, Arkansas, Claiming he is a "Mortgage Auditor"

This is not the usual fare for my blog, but I feel the need to warn the public about a scam that is being perpetrated on people who are in foreclosure.

An individual by the name of John Dunn from Little Rock, Arkansas is claiming to be a "mortgage auditor" and is giving out incorrect information to people for a high price. His telephone number is 501-228-0877 and his email address is This person gives people advice about the propriety of the foreclosures on their homes. He does not know what he is talking about, does not obtain appropriate title work, and does not provide written reports. It's detrimental for people to rely on this person's advice. This person is not a licensed attorney in any jurisdiction as far as I can tell.

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure and have questions about bankruptcy or foreclosure, find a reputable lawyer of your choosing in your area, or go to to find an attorney.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will not be attending Bilderberg Meeting in Switzerland.

I have seen speculation on the Internet that indicated that former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was invited to, and will be attending the Bilderberg Group meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland. This meeting is presently being widely reported in the media, and as I write this it is at the top of Drudge Report. I was able to get in touch with Alex Conant, the Communications Director for Tim Pawlenty's Presidential campaign to ask him about Mr. Pawlenty's potential attendance at Bilderberg.

Governor Pawlenty's campaign denies that Mr. Pawlenty will be attending the Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland. His campaign indicated that he will be in New Hampshire all weekend.

If anyone hears anything different, I would be pleased to hear about it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Update on Minnesota Department of Transportation Data Practices Request & Raw Milk Legislation.

Today I visited the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Central Office in St. Paul. The purpose of my visit was a Minnesota Data Practices Act request I had made to MN DOT relating to its project to tax Minnesotans by the miles they drive in their cars and to track their movements and send these movements to a national database.

I was not provided paper copies of documents. I was provided the documents on a laptop computer at MN DOT central office. I was not provided my entire request, just contracts that were requested. The documents were located on the hard-drive of the laptop I was given to use to look at the documents. It was not plugged in, and its battery ran out a few minutes after I started using it. The person assigned to watch me look at the old laptop did not plug it back in. Rather, an attorney for MN DOT appeared, told me I couldn't use a flash drive to get the documents, and plugged the laptop back in.

These documents reveal a contract with intelligence agency front company, a private foundations and other companies of unknown origin and the State of Minnesota. I was only allowed to take pictures of some of the documents with my phone. Negotiations relating to obtaining all of the documents asked for continue.

I have several other pictures I will host by FTP for those who are interested.

Raw Milk in Minnesota update.

I have posted previously on this blog about the absurd bureaucracy of the State of Minnesota Department of Agriculture and its cynical interpretation of laws relating to raw milk, which is legal in Minnesota.

Senator Doug Magnus, R-22 has refused many requests from very legitimate activists to meet with him on the issue of raw milk legislation. Many of these people are long time GOP activists who were surprised they were turned down for even a brief meeting.

Senator Magnus, R-22, of Slayton, Minnesota should lose his Republican endorsement for his seat. He does not deserve an endorsement that represents small government and freedom.

If you live this area or have a friend or family member who does, I urge you to look at this issue and decided if Senator Magnus, R-22 of Slayton, Minnesota deserves a Republican endorsement in his community.

Please stay tuned for updates on this most recent data practices act request and food freedom. Please call Senator Magnus' Office at 651.296.5650 and ask him to meet with freedom activists on the issue of raw milk.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Minnesota Department of Transportation's New "Road Fee Test" - New Data Practices Act Request

I started this blog in 2007 as a place to put my data practices act responses from the Minnesota Department of Transportation relating to its membership in NASCO, an organization working to promote a centralized tracking of all transportation in North America. In 2007, the Minnesota Legislature and then-Governor Tim Pawlenty set aside $5 million to begin implementation of this Orwellian Nightmare. Governor Dayton has continued this Orwellian Dream of "Total Domain Awareness" and is now asking for volunteers to begin implementing the program.

This program is touted as a way to increase revenue for transportation. While it's possible it may do that, that's not really what this program is about. I posted documents from MN DOT in May, 2007 on this blog that indicate that the military industrial complex is the hand behind this program. This is not a "conspiracy theory." This is from documents that were obtained from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. This tracking program is about tracking every piece of transportation - civilian and military, in a central location.

There is plenty of money around, the Government spends trillions on wars and bailouts for banks and other businesses. A paranoid elite is not really concerned about money - they control all of the money. They are concerned about control of the population and its movement. The Department of Homeland Security has implemented regional fusion centers for domestic intelligence purposes, and it is mentioned in the original documents that I obtained from MN DOT that this information would be shared with law enforcement.

It does not appear that MN DOT is a member of NASCO anymore, but it appears that this program is marching forward under other auspices. Since it has been four years and MN DOT is now rolling out its transportation tracking program, I figured it was time for a new data practices act request. Here is that request, which I am putting in today's mail:

Hopefully MN DOT will be forthcoming with these documents. If they are not, I will pursue my legal remedies to obtain these documents. Don't support any politicians that support these Orwellian programs.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tom Emmer, Cancer Clinic Cartels, and ObamaCare.

While Tom Emmer was in the Legislature he fought very hard against imposing an anti-free market, anti-patient radiation treatment center moratorium. Now that Emmer is out of elected office he has taken a position as a lobbyist fighting to not only keep the anti-free market law into place, but is working to EXTEND the current moratorium.

Tom Emmer is registered as a lobbyist and is working to continue a moratorium on new cancer treatment centers.

The MN GOP platform says this, "As Republicans, we support programs that introduce genuine market competition to our health care system and thus reduce health care costs and eliminate state mandated coverage of various illnesses and conditions."

A moratorium against new radiation treatment centers is inherently against the market competition health care system that we believe in and is against the platform that many of us have fought so hard to craft. Not only is Tom Emmer against the free market and the platform, he changed his position when it was politically convenient. He went from pro-free market to being anti-free market. Government regulating private health care delivery is only a tiny sliver of what ObamaCare aims to accomplish.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on Minnesota Department of Agriculture & its Raw Milk Surge.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has adopted the position that the Minnesota Statute permitting the sale of Raw Milk can only be accomplished under the following the circumstances:

1) Directly from a dairy farmer;

2) Sold at a dairy farm, purchased by the consumer directly. One cannot have a friend pick up some milk for you if they are in the area, one cannot hire ANYONE to deliver the milk. Not the farmer's son, not the farmer himself (running a dairy farm is a job that requires constant attention).

3) A farmer cannot set up bottling facilities and sell his milk. Existing bottling facilities approved for sale of pasteurized milk are not acceptable.

4) Consumer must bring their own bottling materials. Forget about buying a nice jug of milk from an already inspected bottling facility. Bring your own jug, bring a bucket, bring your oil pan, bring your cat litter pan, all of these are acceptable over the dreaded farmer bottling the milk.

Is this freedom? Wake up people! Is raw milk legal in Iran? What are Iran's laws on raw milk?

If anyone from the Department of Agriculture disputes any of these distillations of its policies, I will immediately publish their response on this blog. My investigation reveals this summary to be accurate.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update on Mark Dayton's Raw Milk Crackdown: Here is the Warrant

The State of Minnesota is flat broke. In my 14 years of experience in the criminal justice system, many crimes, such as property crimes, are not usually investigated by the Police. I have had police on numerous occasions flatly refuse to investigate car thefts or even take a report. DWI traffic stops, prostitution sting operations, and now private food clubs draw the gaze of the "officials." The United States is now one of the most oppressive police states on earth. The people, the slaves on this plantation, are now the enemy.

One can read the entire search warrant application for Alvin Schlangen here.

Raw Milk is legal in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has decided to take a cynical view of the law in which they contend that every single person seeking to purchase raw milk should have to individually drive to far away farms to purchase it. In my opinion, this position derives from a Department of Agriculture that is heavily influenced by the Dairy Cartel. Is this position good for the environment? Why bother forcing us to pay for windmills while you force us to waste so much fuel? Is the government completely insane? Yes, it is.

If you look at the search warrant application, you will see that it is not signed by the officer. This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which states as follows:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Call your Minnesota representatives and complain about this injustice.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BREAKING: Among the Thugs, Mark Dayton's Department of Agriculture's Theft From Alvin Schlangen Today

At 9:00 this morning, Alvin Schlangen was boxed in near Macalester College. Two St. Paul squad cars and two Department of Agriculture squad cars boxed in Alvin Schlangen's van as he stopped to deliver eggs to a co-op in St. Paul. He was not arrested, but his van was impounded with all of its farm-fresh contents. He was not allowed to deliver eggs to the co-op. His van was taken to 625 Robert Street and remains there with its contents. The people from the Department of Agriculture apparently had a warrant.

The Department of Agriculture indicated that they were stealing all of the contents of Alvin's van. There are 60 families awaiting milk and eggs and other food from Alvin.

Presently at 11:00 a.m. Alvin Schlangen is at the Department of Agriculture Headquarters awaiting word from government officials about what is going to happen to the contents of the truck.

We can see that the Mark Dayton administration is every bit as bad as the Tim Pawlenty administration on the issue of food freedom. Raw milk is legal in Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture just doesn't believe people can cooperatively own cows and have milk that they have paid for delivered by an agent of the farmer. As dark people are bombed overseas to bring them freedom, we live in an intolerable police state at home. I have remarked several times that there is likely much more food freedom in Iran than there is in the United States. Further, real food safety threats like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame are never investigated by the "authorities."

Call Governor Mark Dayton today and tell him you don't agree with his police state tactics interfering with food freedom: 651-201-3400.

Stay tuned for updates.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Restaurant Review: Mr. BBQ: Maplewood at 694 & White Bear Avenue

mr bbq

Many months ago I saw some indications that a location that had previously been a computer repair place and a "Fazoli's" was going to open as a "Mr. BBQ." This outfit also has a location in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Based upon the announcements at the location, there were several delays in the opening of this expansion store. I even called and asked the Columbia Heights location to as when the White Bear Lake location was finally going to open. The date that it actually did open was past what I was told. Even so, it's always good to see a new business where there previously was an empty building.

In order to have an even measure against which I could gauge my experience, I ordered pork ribs for my meal. I have previously written about ribs in the Twin Cities on this blog. I do not receive any renumeration from any place I eat, and my opinions are my own. That said, I am respected among my friends for my opinions on food and restaurants in the Twin Cities, especially ribs.

I arrived at Mr. BBQ in Maplewood on February 24, 2011. I ordered the half-rack of St. Louis Pork Ribs. These ribs were about the same cost as those at Ted Cooks Barbeque in Minneapolis. I never expect perfect ambiance at a good rib place - Ted Cooks has no place to eat there at all - it's all takeout. Everything is relative. At Mr. BBQ, there was a dining room that was clean and sparsely supplied. It was winter and physically cold - global warming had yet to put its sweltering grip on this restaurant.

The rib meal I ordered and received was the half-rack of pork ribs with macaroni & cheese and corn on the cob. Neither of the sides was fantastic. The macaroni & cheese was overcooked and bland, and the corn on the cob was not offered with any butter or salt and pepper. It was merely boiled. There was no salt and pepper offer in shakers at the tables, only small packets offered at the pop machine.

The meat of the ribs was of decent quality, however, there was no "smoke ring" that one expects with ribs of this cost. That is, these ribs had not been smoked, they had been prepared with some combination of baking and grilling. They were not bad, but they were not prepared in the best way such ribs could have been prepared.

The sauce that was offered was a dark and sugary sauce reminiscent of KC Masterpiece. There are people among whom this type of sauce is popular, and this one was well done, but I prefer a thinner, more vinegary sauce.

Mr. BBQ had many other types of food that it offered, including the special mentioned on the sign above. I did not have the opportunity to sample these dishes. I will try Mr. BBQ again at a later date. One great thing about Minnesota is all of the fantastic effort that is put into BBQ in this state. I have not eaten any BBQ in the south that compares with that of Minnesota.

If I were to give some tips to Mr. BBQ, I would tell them to make sliced JoJo Potatoes, create their own decent sauce, and to deep fry their frozen corn cobs for a special treat for their guests.

Overall, I give Mr. BBQ a B- for its BBQ efforts. They are appreciated and I hope to see greater things in the future from MR. BBQ.