Monday, August 9, 2010

Blue Print for Victory: A Training Course for Republican Leadership

A childhood friend of mine had a nanny while he was growing up. That nanny has known me since I was a kid in Junior High. My friend and I are now in our thirties. Awhile ago, this woman's grandmother passed on and she was working on cleaning out a lifetime's worth of stuff from the woman's farm near Orono. She found a bound book entitled: "Blue Print for Victory: A Training Course for Republican Leadership" in one of the outbuildings and saved it for me. My friend brought it over to my house awhile ago. Someone scanned this document into PDF format for me, and I am now posting it for all to read. It appears to be a Minnesota Republican Party document from about 1950.

I have not read this document from cover to cover, but I have perused it. It decries the corruption of the "Farmer-Laborites" (some things never change, right?) and also provides a window into a very different time in Minnesota. This was a time when the country produced more things, when the government was a lot smaller, and the country was in the midst of the post-WWII boom.

I do not have the time to launch into analysis of this document today, but it does contain interesting pieces about improving unemployment benefits, increasing "Old Age Assistance" (e.g., "under Republican leadership, the legislatures [sic] have recognized the rising cost of living, and have increased the monthly benefits Two and a Half Times!"), and doubling assistance to the blind.

To me, this document shows how out of control our state government has gotten with the Federal development of the welfare/warfare state and unrestrained inflation from the private Federal Reserve Bank that issues our credit and currency in quantities that are not known to us plebes.

I hope that whoever takes the time to take a look at this document enjoys it: