Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The DFL Windmill Plot Against Minnesota's Bird Population

There is a lot of discussion in Minnesota politics these days about windmills. Matt Entenza, one of the three DFL'ers seeking the right to be the Democrat on the gubernatorial ballot, features windmills in several of his commercials. These commercials show Matt Entenza standing before several different sets of windmills and talking about how awesome he is. It's unlikely that Mr. Entenza is attempting to portray a Quixotic image with this windmill theme, and rather he states his goal on his website is "...creating jobs through the clean energy economy."

Apparently Mr. Entenza's plan (similar to that of other DFL candidates) is for some new fangled taxing scheme that will fund this albatross. This "clean energy" economy would be funded by a tax on carbon emissions and other new taxes and fees, which would include but are not limited to an increase in rates for electricity and other forms of energy. This economy would be mandated by the government picking some form of energy against another, specifically these would be government-protected "clean energy" cartels. Wall Street Banking firms, such as bailout-receiving Goldman Sachs, have been working on developing this new more controlled economy for many years. There are plans to base exotic financial instruments, such as the derivatives that continue to plague our financial system, on "carbon credits," an imaginary form of value invented by these charlatans.

In addition to the pure economic reasons for not supporting government subsidized windmills, there is the harm that they do to the natural environment. They are noisy, they take away habitat for many animals, and most egregiously, they kill birds. That windmills kills birds has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, the USA Today and many other publications and news sources. It's this bird apocalypse plan proposed by Matt Entenza that is at the very top of my complaints about plans for more subsidized windmills.

I have a bird feeder in my yard. My wife and I love to sit on our three-season porch in North St. Paul and watch birds eat from the bird feeder we installed and maintain. Most of my neighbors have bird feeders and enjoy watching birds. Fortunately for our birds, our North St. Paul windmill is poorly located so it rarely turns, it is near the downtown area of North St. Paul where there are a lot of trees and buildings. Another reason that it rarely turns is that it was purchased used from California for over $400,000 and is not designed to function in cold weather. Toward the end of last winter, the City of North St. Paul (which owns the windmill) had a heater in the windmill installed so that the oil in it would become less viscous and then turn. I have always wondered if the windmill generates enough power to power the heater that it needs to turn in the Fall, Winter and Spring months.

Matt Entenza proposes big huge windfarms that will be nothing but bird killing fields. Do not support the DFL's propsed bird kill-off. Do not support any candidates that propose subsidy of bird killing windmills. At this point, the only major candidate in the race who has firmly demonstrated his commitment to Minnesota's Bird population by not supporting windmill schemes is Tom Emmer.