Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter from North St. Paul: “Climate Change,” "Carbon Taxes,” Document Requests and Other Topics of Interest to the General Public.

I apologize for not writing a blog post for quite some time. The work I have relating to document requests – a common, and the originating, theme of this blog has been stalled by the work of life and to some extent a bureaucracy that is frankly too large for me to tackle alone.

The University of Minnesota is a staggeringly large institution and my requests relating to its Minnesota Supercomputer Institute (MSI), which is available for use by seemingly any large entity, including defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, have not really been answered with the clarity I would have wanted. My request has been to review any records and contracts and the like related to any relationship between the MSI and The Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics. I don’t have anything to add anything beyond this on this subject, except that I consider my requests open at this point and will provide updates, if any.

The main reason I am updating is to write a short piece about “Climate Change” and “Carbon Taxes” and “Derivatives.” The fact is, Minnesota is already engaged in an "accord," signed by Governor Tim Pawlenty, that contains an accord between it and some other states and the Canadian Province of Manitoba relating to limiting carbon emissions and The accord includes plans to:

• “Establish greenhouse gas reduction targets and timeframes consistent with the Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) member states' targets.
• Develop a market-based and multisector cap-and-trade mechanism to help achieve those reduction targets.
• Establish a system to enable tracking, management, and crediting for entities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Develop and implement additional steps to achieve the reduction targets, such as a low-carbon fuel standards and regional incentives and funding mechanisms.”

One of the most important issues to consider is cui bono or “who benefits?” Public radio and most mainstream media does not seem to speak about anything but Afghanistan, Iraq, Climate Change and H1N1. The draft climate change treaty was written by PriceWaterHouseCoopers, traditionally an accounting firm now touting itself as a consultancy for global legislation relating to “climate change.” It is a plan to vacuum wealth from everyone on the planet. This is not a conspiracy theory. The new European President, Herman Von Rompuy recently said this is the "first year of global governance with the G20 in Copenhagen.”

Even otherwise educated people who know about the medieval warm period and the fact that the world is 4.6 billion years old are tipped over by the endless propaganda. What about continental drift? We could no sooner pass an effective tax against that than we can the weather. Even assuming, arguendo, that everything asserted on all mainstream news outlets is true, would a global tax drafted by PriceWaterHouseCoopers for bankers and payable to bankers change the weather? I am aware of Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs recently saying that he is doing “God’s Work,” however I am dubious that this is really the case, or which god he is talking about.

Proposed legislation relating to cap and trade allows for making derivatives with the various "carbon credits." Derivatives are a black hole of which there are unknown quadrillions of them in debt relating to dollars. As a lawyer doing legal work that sometimes relates to real property transactions, I have seen an upset in the entire system from mortgages being "severed" from their accompanying notes which were then turned into derivatives. These notes, previously attached to mortgages, become part of large securitized trusts that are used as a basis for derivatives.

I don't want my children growing up in a world where he/she is buying carbon credits or having carbon credits assigned to him/her to enrich some banksters. These Malthusian plans hurt all of us. We need to stand strong against them at every turn. It's nonsense, and demonstrably so.

Recently e-mails from East Anglia University, one of the hubs of “Climate Change” rhetoric were leaked to the Internet, and were met with wide coverage in independent media and no coverage and Cover-up in the mainstream media. The East Anglia emails prove these schemes are based on and designed for fraud. In the East Anglia e-mails, there is proof of manipulation of data, destruction of data, the exclusion of other points of view from peer-reviewed journals, and active resistance to “open records” requests. This is the “Madoff” scheme times a billion and the “Petters” scandal times a trillion.

If any politician has voted for any of these schemes, or has participated in entering into any agreements relating to this purportedly on behalf of the public, they have wittingly or unwittingly been party to a large fraudulent scheme. At this time, we need investigations of thisPonzi scheme on every government level, including on the Congressional level, as urged by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK). It follows that any legislation, agreements, accords, memorandums of understanding or the like seeking to expand or build upon “carbon credits” should be immediately cancelled, dissolved, or withdrawn from.

This “Carbon Credit and Cap and Trade” crime plan is designed to make the biggest bubble yet: the global carbon tax and carbon credit bubble. We will all pay more of our taxes for a global crime syndicate to laugh at us as we enslave ourselves in our own countries - competing to be more "green" and being sucked dry by a global tax based on something with no objective thoroughly accurate predictive measure - the changes in the weather. All the while we will pay them all of our money and watch our country continue to be de-industrialized.