Monday, August 17, 2009

Your friends in liberty: Barney Frank (D-MA) and Colin Peterson (D-MN). The Federal Government’s Plan to put microchips in all livestock.

Back in 2005, Rep. Colin Peterson (D-MN, 1st District), sponsored a terrifying bill, HR 1254, in which he planned the following (description from Library of Congress):

“National Farm Animal Identification and Records Act - Amends the Animal Health Protection Act to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to establish an electronic nationwide livestock identification system to enhance the Department of Agriculture's response to outbreaks of livestock disease. Requires that such system: (1) be capable of tracing, within 48 hours, livestock from birth to slaughter; (2) provide for access by States and inclusion of State information; and (3) apply to all livestock born or imported into the United Sates, and to interstate and intrastate commerce. Exempts, with specified exceptions, system information from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act or other release into the public domain. Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) provide producer participation assistance; and (2) appoint an international panel of scientific experts to review the Department's response to an outbreak of livestock disease.”

If Colin Peterson did not have any particular influence over this legislation, this would be bad, because he is a member of Congress, but it would not be as shocking or imminent. However, Mr. Peterson is the Chair of the House Committee on Agriculture. Someone in this position, as a sponsor and a Chair of the committee over the bill, is perfectly positioned to get this bill to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote.

This bill did not pass in 2005. Even so, the threat of this pernicious Orwellian scheme is made more imminent by Mr. Peterson and his anti-freedom agenda. Please call his office at (202) 225-2165 and let him know that we will be much better off without his controllers in Washington putting RFID chips in our livestock. Ask him why he thinks he deserves this level of control over your life.