Friday, May 29, 2009

The Heart of Neoconservatism is Communism: The Release of MN GOP State Central Committee email list by the blog "Minnesota Conservatives"

The heart of neoconservatism (rife on the blog "Minnesota Conservatives", see this Neocon gem of a "Islamofascist" post, for example) is communism (Ron Paul on the communist roots of "neoconservatism"). Consistent with this philosophy of socialism and communism, the authors of "Minnesota Conservatives" have misappropriated private property that did not belong to them.

While I agree there could likely be an electronic ability to securely login and communicate with other members of state central (of which I am a member), this neoconservative/communist conversion of this property was untoward, precipitant, and otherwise not consistent with bolstering the integrity and strength of our party.

These lists posted publicly render them largely useless and subject to spamming by people who might not particularly care for Republicans. It takes a lot of money and resources to develop and maintain these lists, and they need to be protected. There are plenty of means by which we can communicate with our fellow Republicans, such as these blogs, and twitter, and facebook, and the telephone. If the folks who have spent so much time whining about being given party lists for free (socialism) spent 1/4 of that time to pick up the phone and call some people and develop some contacts around the state, they would have already built their own damn list by now.

The State Central list is provided to candidates who are running for party offices. It is my understanding that they sign a contract wherein they agree to specific terms by which they will use the lists. Violating that contract can be a serious matter.

Email addresses in an of themselves are not private, but the collection of them, when carefully collected and kept private, can be considered a trade secret. The law protects trade secrets. Lists are assets. If everyone has the list, as in the neoconservative communist utopia envisioned by John Gilmore, author of "Minnesota Conservatives," then they are worthless. Would DFLers like to spam our lists? You bet there would be that element in that party who are probably going to do so already as a result of these actions.

It does not appear that Mr. Gilmore "stood them down" (his words, not mine) in this case, as he has now removed the e-mail addresses from his blog. I don't find the release of these e-mail addresses to be in the least bit cute, funny, or just.

Instead of whining about getting something someone else made for free, we need to act like real conservatives and build our own stuff. The time spent whining about the lists is time wasted and entirely not constructive. Go out and fight the statists, not each other.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Minnesota Supercomputer Institute and DNA collected from Minnesota newborns, a Data Practices Act Request to the University of Minnesota.

During the course of my ongoing investigation of what happens to DNA bloodspots collected by the Minnesota Department of Health, I have learned that the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute at the University of Minnesota has been working in conjunction with the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics. In accordance with this information I have received, I have drafted two new data practices act requests to the University of Minnesota. One deals with the intellectual property created at the Cargill Building for Microbial & Plant Genomics, which appears to become property of Cargill. The other request deals with the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute and asks for the following information:

1) All contracts, user agreements and all other communications between all MSI personnel/programs/projects and any personnel/programs/projects administered by the following:

-- Biomedical Genomics Center (BMGC)
-- Center for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics (MSP)
-- Department of Microbiology
-- Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
-- Mayo Clinic
-- Minnesota Genomics Infrastructure Initiative (MINGEN)
-- Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics
-- Applied Biosystems
-- Sandia National Labs

2) All financial reports, user lists, user agreements, and scheduling documents for the following MSI labs:

-- Computational Genetics Laboratory
-- Scientific Data Management Laboratory

3) All financial reports, contracts, user lists, user agreements, scheduling documents, internal communications or memoranda, including communications between MSI developers and Mayo developers, and all communications between MSI and any other entity related to the following MSI projects:

-- ProTIP

4) All financial reports, contracts, user lists, user agreements, scheduling documents, internal communications or memoranda, and all communications between MSI and any other entity related to the following "MSI Developed and Hosted Database Projects":

-- Microarray and Genotyping Data System
-- Sanger and 454 Sequencing Data System
-- Computational Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry System
-- Laboratory Data Management System (Principal Investigator: Wackett)
-- The Laboratory Data Management System (PI: Dunny )
-- Laboratory Data Management System (PI: Hall )
-- Microarray Database for Tissue Engineering
-- Sequence Management and Annotation Database
-- Mass Data Application System

5) All financial reports, contracts, user lists, user agreements, scheduling documents, internal communications or memoranda, and all communications between MSI and any other entity related to the following "MSI Hosted Database Projects":

-- Blood Utilization Collaboration
-- Caenorhabditis Genetics Database Management System
-- PlantDB
-- Wiki Site for Structural Genomics

It appears that there is much, much more to the collection and dissemination of DNA collected from Minnesota's Newborns. The Department of Health has not mentioned anything about the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute in its prior replies to my data practices act requests about studies being conducted with our DNA.

Whether DNA is "de-identified" or not, it is still our property. These studies being conducted without our consent or knowledge is beyond demeaning to human dignity. One wonders if the Democrats who fought so hard to try and increase the power to confiscate our DNA this prior legislative session are aware of these studies that are being conducted with the DNA of Minnesota infants. It's not just about a quick genetic test to look for obscure genetic diseases, it's about a huge multi-million dollar operation involving the State of Minnesota, the private Mayo Clinic, and other private multinational companies.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Globalism and Pandemics: The International Monetary Fund, World Bank, WHO, et al vs. Individuals and the Sovereignty of Nations.

I attended a Continuing Legal Education course entitled: “What's Next in Law, Health & the Life Sciences? Debating Openness, Access & Accountability” on March 6, 2009 (I know the video says March 19, 2009, but I was mistaken when I encoded the video, consider it a clerical error). It was recommended to me by another attorney who knew I was interested in these issues. It exceeded my expectations. I got in two questions at two different presentations. At the first presentation, I asked about something one of the lecturers had said: that the Department of Homeland Security had special access to a special DNA database at the United States Department of Health. The answer I received (video later perhaps) was that this would used to track “criminals and their families.” (this is my best recollection, but this was the general answer to my question).

The second question to Larry Gostin was even better. This avowed globalist and architect of the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act ends a speech about how we all need "Global Health Governance" imposed with the financing and control of the IMF and World Bank with two questions. The first is from a Professor in the Philosophy Department, and the latter question is from me. Notice how his body language changes when I am about halfway through my question:

Like Global Warming and this fake and illegal Ponzi scheme "credit crisis," there is another scam being run called "Global Health Governance." Globalism is part and parcel of ongoing collection of our DNA, including that of newborns.

Furthermore, I have some new documents that I have posted that I received in response to a Data Practices Act Request that I made quite some time ago. Our DNA is already involved in studies wherein International Corporations located in foreign countries are involved as "co-principal investigators" in studies on the DNA of Minnesota's Children. One such study is entitled: "New GALT Galtactose-1 Phosphate Uridyl Transferase Feasibility Study" involves "PerkinElmer Life & Analytical Sciences located in Turku, Finland." If you look at the thirteenth page of this document, you will see that "local support" for PerkinElmer, lies with "Janet Perkins, Genetic Screening - Sales...Shelton, Connecticut."

Why is our DNA being harvested at our own expense for private profit? These documents, from the Minnesota Department of Health, indicate that this exactly what is going on. On page 42 of this PDF document, one Minnesota Department of Health Supervisor says: "It looks exempt to me, it seems to be covered by the newborn screening franchise" in response to an email about whether the Department's Institutional Review Board would have to approve this study based out of Turku, Finland. As I have written about previously in this blog, the State of Minnesota's contract with the Mayo Clinic for blood spot analysis has a clause that could very easily be treated catchall backdoor to keep and study blood spots for all manner of purported reasons. It appears that this is most certainly the case. The "franchise" the supervisor is referring to is likely the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.

The Minnesota Omnibus Higher Education Bill, which I wrote about a short while ago, passed with $16 Million in direct state payments to the Partnership, in substantial form to the legislation cited before in my prior article. There are myriad other areas lurking in the legislation recently passed directing other money to the Partnership and its affiliate "public-private" bureaucracies.

If one were ever in doubt that we are the property of the state, such doubt should be erased by this program in which our state government pays for our DNA to be collected to a private entity, which in turn provides it to another private entity for development of "genetic testing" for sale.

We are not livestock!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Clueless: Betty McCollum on the private Federal Reserve Bank.

If one asks Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN, 4th CD) to support H.R. 1207, the bill that will require the Federal Reserve Bank to be audited, one receives the following disappointing and shallow response:

“Thank you for contacting me about the Federal Reserve. I appreciate hearing from you. The Federal Reserve system formulates the nation’s monetary policy. The discount and short-term interest rates are important tools the Federal Reserve uses to keep inflation in check, the value of the dollar reasonable, and the overall economy healthy. This system offers some of the Federal government’s most effective tools to fight inflation and keep our economy strong.”

Congresswoman McCollum’s strange mix of tacit admission of tyranny and doublespeak boggles the mind of anyone employing common sense. I contacted Betty McCollum’s office and specifically and politely criticized the monopoly of one private Central Bank, the "Federal Reserve," on the issuance of credit and currency in this country. Her response explains, in a general sense, that indeed this is what is going on.

Imagine dollar bills and credit as baseball cards, and that you are the owner of an original Honus Wagner, of which there are very few in existence and are of significant value. Then imagine, by fiat of the government, someone or something maintained the right by way of government declaration, that they could create as many Honus Wagner’s as they wanted. If you think this sounds fishy, then you are catching on. The reality is much more nuanced than this example, but the fact remains that the Federal Reserve Bank is private, and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, a self-described “quasi-governmental entity” is separate from the bank itself. The Federal Reserve Bank is run by private interests for private profit.

I called Betty McCollum’s office to complain about this tyrannical system, and she responded as if I had no understanding of the subject whatsoever. Unfortunately for the constituents of Congressional District Four in Minnesota, we have a Congresswoman who apparently cannot or will not understand uncontested facts. Even members of her own party have signed on to H.R. 1207, and a few others have even extracted the testimony in Congress that more than demonstrates probable cause for this investigation:


Over $1.3 TRILLION of new money? We don’t know who or what received it? At this point, it is extremely difficult to draw any other conclusion other than that Betty McCollum is willfully ignorant of the circumstances under which her constituents suffer. There are numerous elderly and disabled people who reside within Congressional District Four in Minnesota, which encompasses much of the St. Paul side of the Metro area, and they are negatively affected by the ongoing ability of a few individuals to create money and credit out of thin air. By whatever means, many of these folks receive fixed amounts of money each month on which to live. If something is devaluing the money that they receive – by creating a lot of more it (well over $1.3 Trillion in this case), then these folks suffer. The food they buy, the energy, care and medicines they need all go up in cost as more money and credit is created. By inflating the currency, people on fixed incomes suffer. It’s theft without any tax being passed. The persons receiving the money first benefit the most (such as the friends of the Bankers, who apparently receive trillions in direct payments), and then everyone else pays. The prices at the grocery store lately are a telling manifestation of this artificial phenomenon.

Under the United States Constitution, the 435 member House of Representatives, apportioned by population, has the “power of the purse.” It is the House, which is most closely representative of the people, that will stop a private monopoly on the issuance of credit and currency and the de-industrialization and further destruction of our country vis-à-vis a massive Ponzi scheme and its feeder entities. H.R. 1207 is a strong salvo against this monopoly. This problem is not going away, and the confrontations over open books at the Federal Reserve Bank will continue. Someone who cares about the elderly and the disabled needs to occupy this seat, not Ms. McCollum who is apparently beholden to of the banks, medical monopolies, and other globalists who continue to occupy the institutional bureaucracy and significant portions of our representative government. This congressional seat belongs to the people of the Fourth Congressional District and not to Ms. McCollum.

Please contact Betty McCollum at (202) 225-6631 and ask her to help the disabled and elderly by ending the ongoing purposeful and willful degradation of their lives by currency devaluation. Ask her to join with humanity and co-sponsor H.R. 1207.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Omnibus Higher Education Bill Contains $15 Million Corporate Subsidy to Biotech. Stop S.F. 2093!

In Minnesota, the Government is only interested in taking your DNA and storing it if you are a newborn or if you are a felon. Within a few short decades, the entire population will have a sample of their DNA on record with the Government. The question of what is being done with this DNA collected by force is one that has yet to be sufficiently answered or explained.

The State Government is facing a $6 billion dollar budget shortfall. The Democrats have proposed $2 billion in tax increases, and beleaguered Republicans are battling to reduce the size of the Government. According to the House Minority Leader, Marty Seifert, the Governor has his red veto pen poised.

Just like there are new disguises for Eugenics programs, there is a new name for fascism: "public/private partnerships." In S.F. 2083, it is proposed that the government give $15 million dollars to a "partnership" between the University of Minnesota's and the Mayo Clinic. In a time of a record budget deficit, bankster bailouts, budget busting "stimulus" laws, and Federal Government ownership of strategic manufacturing concerns, we are faced with a $15 million direct subsidy for a private entity, which reads in relevant part as follows:

"Subd. 6.University of Minnesota and Mayo
Foundation Partnership


16.33For the direct and indirect expenses of the
16.34collaborative research partnership between
17.1the University of Minnesota and the Mayo
17.2Foundation for research in biotechnology
17.3and medical genomics. An annual report
17.4on the expenditure of this appropriation
17.5must be submitted to the governor and the
17.6chairs and ranking minority members of
17.7the senate and house of representatives
17.8committees responsible for higher education
17.9and economic development by June 30 of
17.10each fiscal year.
17.11If appropriations to the Board of Regents are
17.12reduced under Minnesota Statutes, section
17.1316A.152, all parties to the partnership and
17.14the chairs of the legislative committees with
17.15jurisdiction over higher education finance
17.16must be consulted before the Board of
17.17Regents reduces the amount spent under this
17.18subdivision during the biennium ending June
17.1930, 2011."

We have heard from some members of the House of Representatives, quite presciently, about the ripoffs that have occurred in state social welfare programs. However, we need to have a serious heart-to-heart discussion about welfare for the pet projects of other private actors. These include, but are not limited to: various fictitious entities, businesses, or "partnerships." Other similar government-run central economic programs include "JOBZ" Zones, in which the people in the government attempt to decide where various businesses should be located, in their expert opinion.

Democrats in the Legislature, together with some cooperative "Republicans" have pushed hard to shut down opposition to their plans to collect our DNA and hand them over to the Government and private entities without our consent. We are not the cattle of the government and the people who own it. This is not supposed to be a plantation. This money is not for the "genetic testing" for rare genetic diseases; over a million dollars a year is already being spent by the Minnesota Department of Health for this testing, and this contract is located here on this blog. This money in S.F. 2083 is entirely separate, and does not include the tens of millions of dollars that have been given to this "partnership" via grants given by the Minnesota Department of Economic Development and

Republicans need to stand up and be Republicans and stop this nefarious eugenics enterprise. In the time of a $6 billion budget deficit, foreclosed homes, empty commercial properties, and very high unemployment, we cannot afford a $15 million corporate subsidy. Contact Governor Pawlenty and your representatives in the Minnesota State Legislature and tell them to put a stop to the millions of dollars in corporate subsidies in the Omnibus Higher Education Bill.