Thursday, June 26, 2008

MNLG has a picnic, Norm Coleman responds in kind with a Luau, and Gov. Pawlenty is mistaken on the issue of REAL ID.

I am pleased to report about the turnout at the Minnesotans for Limited Government picnic that was held at Island Lake Park in Shoreview yesterday evening (Wednesday, June 26, 2008). On a warm Wednesday evening, with significant humidity and traffic along 694, I would estimate that at least 100 people showed up at this event. The list of speakers was impressive, and included two candidates for the United States Congress, Barb Davis-White and Ed Matthews. Other folks of note and candidates spoke at this event. The food, the people, and the weather were all favorable. I spoke with some folks about this event today - and they wish they would have known about it. I encourage anyone to check out their website and keep an eye out for upcoming events. It's encouraging to see that there are so many other folks who love liberty. As one speaker noted, there were people of every age range there. No matter who you are, it is tough to not love liberty.

I had known about the upcoming MNLG picnic for over two weeks. Three days ago, I received the following e-mail from the Norm Coleman Campaign:

From: Norm Coleman Campaign (name omitted, don't want to vilify her)
To: (list of Republicans, including me)
Luau Night at the Coleman Campaign
Date: June 24, 2008

Luau Night – Wednesday, June 25th

Come Anytime Between 5 and 9 PM

680 Transfer Road, Suite A Saint Paul, MN 55114

Bring your leis, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts for a best-dressed competition and

Hawaiian food at Campaign Headquarters. Prizes awarded for the best Luau outfit and calls made!

Among the fascinating things about this e-mail is my general sense of how absolutely out of touch these people are.

First of all, I received notice of Senator Coleman's event three days ago, so I am surmising that this event was created to be in competition with the MNLG event, which was planned over two weeks ago. Of course they are free to have any event they want - I am not complaining about that. Rather, I think MNLG should be flattered by this competing event - as it is organized by a sitting United States Senator.

The MNLG picnic was held in a beautiful park on a beautiful day. People of all ages, including peoples' children, showed up and enjoyed themselves. There was a playground for the kids. The agenda was leisurely, the speakers interesting, and the topics important. People were concerned about big government, big taxes, big spending, and big brother. Senator Coleman's people offered to have you dress like an idiot and make phone calls to people telling them to vote for Norm Coleman. If people like the ideas, they will come. There is no need to harass them on the telephone in the evening in the middle of the summer and tell them they should vote for carbon taxes, more spending, and more government interference in our lives. Asking us to peddle such nonsense is akin to asking us to sell peacock poop pancakes next to the cheese curd booth at the State Fair. A hopeless and pernicious endeavor indeed.

Governor Pawlenty, despite some of his postive attributes, such as his defense of firearms ownership, also has some serious issues. Before going in to what I was going to write about, I cannot help but complain about the word for "taxes" being changed to the word "fees" in some respects under Governor Pawlenty (Want to get divorced in Hennepin County?, $664 in filing fees just for the Petition and Answer to the government!) I still have noticed that everyone still spends way too much on government. Among the most terrible government programs being perpetrated upon us as of that is that of the Real ID act. I am not going to write in great detail about what the REAL ID Act, but in essence it is a Federalized ID that contains biometric (e.g., fingerprint, iris scan) information and countless other big brother attributes. I read that the Governor of Montana told the Feds to "go to hell" over this issue.

Governor Pawlenty, however, supports the REAL ID act, and has indicated to the Legislature his support for it. In a letter to the Speaker of the Minnesota House (and citing this letter is not any indication of this writer's support for her), Governor Pawlenty writes: "Implementing READ ID reduce illegal immigration."

Instead of looking to implement another aspect of an Orwellian control scheme, such as those discussed in other parts of this blog, the Governor should take a look right in his backyard - the situations right under his nose. For example, NAFTRACS, a Lockheed Martin military industrial complex control grid run under the auspices of NASCO is a continuing menace. Another ongoing problem relates to the $664 fee to the government for filing a Petition and Answer to a divorce case in Minnesota.

When police actually have to break down and charge someone who is in this country illegally with a crime, which they seem to avoid at almost all costs, they have to appear in court to answer for the charges. If they do not speak English, the court must hire a translator to translate for them. The court must pay for whatever this translator may charge. If I were to guess, they probably charge at least $50.00 an hour, if not more. In addition, because the court is paying for the translator, the people here who are charged with a crime and do not speak English always go first, before everyone else.

One time I was standing in for a friend of mine representing an African-American woman who was a single mother. She had a single charge for driving after revocation as a result of non-payment of a fine. When she had received the ticket she was only sitting in the car with the keys in the ignition - on the passenger side. She was listening to the radio while her friend went into the bank, that's why the keys were in the ignition. Before we could go up before the court, wherein she had to pay a pretty significant fine, a Mexican national was brought up before the court. He was charged with Driving While Intoxicated - 4th Degree, a misdemeanor. He plead to a Careless Driving and received a $50.00 fine, with no jail time. His conduct? In the same City from which my client received her ticket, he was caught urinating on the side of the road while drunk. Inside of his car, which he had been driving, were several adults and several young children. The young children were on the floor and not in car seats or seat belts. If this was an American citizen, they would have been charged with enough crimes to send them to prison, had their children taken away, and possibly have their parental rights terminated.

Pointing out hypocrisy in our government is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500. When I was in court at the Hennepin County District Court the other day, I tore off from pre-bound, printed pads located on each side of the room, a form explaining people's rights in Spanish. There were hundreds of copies of these. I took several years of Spanish, and have even worked at a Restaurant with wonderful Mexican nationals in high school, but uncontrolled immigration is not in the best interests of the United States or Mexico. Mexico is losing its young people, and we are being overrun. Both countries are losing their sovereignty. The battle is against those who are running this racket - not each other. The document in the court was entitled: "DERECHOS DEL ACCUSADO EN CASOS DE DELITOS MENORES GRAVES, Y FALTAS EN EL DISTRITO JUDICIAL DEL CONTANDO DE HENNEPIN."

The fact is that we do not need a military industrial complex big government control grid to deal with the issue of illegal immigration. The so-called justice system needs to look right in front of its face and deal effectively with information it already has. The problem is not a paucity of laws, information, or resources. Rather the problem is a failure of Government to enforce existing laws with existing resources, and the existence of too many laws with too much government.

Governor Pawlenty's wife, the Honorable Mary Pawlenty, was a Judge in Dakota County. Governor Pawlenty is a lawyer by trade. These folks absolutely must know about situations I have written about in this article. Given this knowledge, I wish they would stand up against the evil forces who wish to continue to enslave us with an Orwellian control grid.

REAL ID is a problem in search of a solution and must be fought in every state and on the Federal level. Tell your legislators in no uncertain terms that you oppose the control grid in all of its iterations.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What do Norm Coleman, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden and Chuck Schumer have in Common? They are all co-sponsors on an insane Malthusian Al Gore Bill

Norm Coleman has teamed up with his pals Chuck Schumer, Amy Klobuchar, and Ron Wyden to impose upon us an insane Malthusian carbon trading scheme. This scheme is just one of the types of schemes Al Gore is pushing to make himself and his masters more fabulously wealthy. I am glad to see Norm Coleman is such a conservative. This type of bill is no minor thing. This is about total control and domination of the population, of us, their livestock.

If you think I am kidding, check out this article from the BBC in the United Kingdon, MPs (Members of Parliament) Back Personal Carbon Credits. For life, you need oxygen, carbon, water, and sunlight at a minimum. This is simply a tax on life for total command and control of the population. What do you think they are doing with all of these cameras and tracking devices and carbon schemes? This is big government at its most pernicious.

The future where we are tracked, tagged, ticketed, poked, prodded, searched and otherwise molested by these government thugs is now dawning upon us. This needs to be turned around. Now that Norm Coleman has co-sponsored this atrocity to humanity, I will never support him. Never. Can you imagine government bureaucrats regulating your "carbon usage"?

If you want to crack through their matrix, you must not stand idly by. We must resist with all of our ability. I was told by a Coleman toadie at the MN GOP Convention this weekend that Norm Coleman needed to compromise on schemes like this to "get things done." I would rather not have government "done" to me.

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

Some words of wisdom:

Stop carbon taxes and big brother!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back: MN State GOP Convention comments & and the continuing battle for the Republic

Ron Carey never responded to my letter. I was told that he told the Chair of the Ron Paul Campaign in Minnesota, Marianne Stebbins, that Ron Paul could speak if he dropped out of the Presidential race and endorsed Barack Obama, I mean John McCain.

The Minnesota State Convention was a model of Stalinesque thuggery. It is hilarious and sad to me that these Neocons - who justify the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq for among other specious reasons elections in which Saddam Hussein was the only candidate, ran the convention in a manner which would make Saddam himself blush. For the national delegate positions up for election at the convention, Ron Carey & Co. allowed four out of eighteen prospective nominees to be people who were not on their slate. That means fourteen of the eighteen prospective national delegates were people picked by Ron Carey and his cohorts. It's as if that in their meddling in Iraq, these Neocons picked up some of Saddam's Hussein's ideas about how to run "elections."

I encourage those who wonder about Neocons and the cause against them in favor of limited government view this speech by Ron Paul on the House Floor called "Neoconned"!

For the alternate delegate positions, Ron Carey & Co. did not allow anyone who was not on their slate and/or a Neocon to be on the ballot. It was complained about by the person announcing the results that people wrote profanities and/or drew in their ballots. What is more profane than any written profanity is the willful and America-destroying disrespect of Republican values of these people who think they are pretty darn smart because they figured out how to run a tyranny on people. Like Ron Paul said in his speech outside the convention in Rochester this past weekend: tyranny is a very old idea and liberty is the the new and rare one.

The limited government movement is just getting warmed up. Marianne Stebbins, who I consider to be a rather heroic and clever individual, and who is also our Ron Paul Chair in Minnesota, received 42.2% of the vote for National Delegate. This is nothing to sneeze at, as she was obviously a Ron Pauler. We came within a few percentage points of total victory.

The tyranny run by Ron Carey & Co. works against them. The more it is run, the more curious people become about what is going on with this party. The more they are oppressed, the harder they lean against the oppression. Ron Carey & Co.'s profanity to American values really offended myself and other people at our Convention, and like Barb Davis White (R-Candidate for U.S. House, MN CD-5) said when she introduced Ron Paul, the Republican Party of Minnesota owes an apology for making this man speak outside (I am paraphrasing, but that is what she basically said). These socialist Trotzkyites need to be removed from our party. Their support for socialism and socialist policies of Norm Coleman and Al Gore has demonstrated beyond any doubt that they are Republicans in Name Only.

During the convention, I had hostile and rude people tell me that Saddam Hussein killed 650,000 people per day when he was President of Iraq and that a nearly a billion dollars a day is being spent there "for freedom." Heaven forfend I dispute these pearls of wisdom.

The "Republican" and candidate for Minnesota Senate, Norm Coleman, is in favor of global "cap and trade" carbon trading schemes that make the income tax and every other profane form of big government look reasonable and sound. I cannot fathom why a "contest" against the big government toadie Al Franken is even seriously characterized as a reasonable dispute about any ideas by any thinking and rational individual.

We need to get the call out to everyone. Get your friends and neighbors away from the television and tell them about what is going on. I have written about Big Brother on this blog in many respects. We need to mobilize candidates against Big Brother. I encourage folks to help Bill Jungbauer for Minnesota House of Representatives.

Further, relating to other, more local races, I think my blog entry about the hundreds of surveillance cameras with sound capability (they are connected to the Internet, and can be expanded, and appear to have cameras with this capability) in Minneapolis are a serious issue for the Minneapolis City Council races. These documents are posted in links on the right-hand side of this blog. People who support Big Brother in this way should be challenged for their seat and lose it to a limited government Republican. There aren't really too many Democrats or any Neocons nowadays who don't love a new expansion of Big Brother government. Sadly, many Republicans have joined them in their massive control grid operations. I encourage "Ron Paul" limited government Republicans to run against "police state" Democrats for seats on the Minneapolis City Council. Such a win would be a significant achievement for the limited government movement.

Please also remember NASCO - its control grid continues as I write and as you are reading this. Contact your legislators about stopping them! There are many facets to their rackets!