Friday, December 12, 2008

Citizens Council on Health Care Press Conference produces some, but not all documents requested from Minnesota Department of Health.

On December 10, 2008, the Citizens Council on Health Care had a press conference at the State Office Building. I spoke at this press conference about the data practices act request I had made to the Department. Immediately after the press conference I received some PDF documents in my e-mail, and I received some more documents I had flagged in October in a box delivered to my office today. That request, the documents received and other correspondence will be posted here very soon. Here is me at the press conference:

Stay tuned for more information related to this.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Police State 2008: The Rise of the Trouble-based Economy.

I have not updated this blog for awhile for a few reasons. The first is that I generally try to keep it to pretty original stuff, specifically my own data practices act projects. Some delays are pushing me to litigation mode in that respect, and updates on that will be forthcoming sooner rather than later. The second reason is that for a few months I have been so frustrated with the state of things that I am not even sure what I would say, or should say. Therefore, I opted for silence, at least on my blog.

In the course of my work as a lawyer here in Minnesota, I oftentimes have to go to court. I have tried cases and have appeared in a couple hundred criminal cases over the past five years, oftentimes filling in for my friends in different courthouses around the state and the Twin Cities. Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked for nearly five years for the Minnesota Department of Corrections in various bureaucratic capacities. I keep up my contacts with those folks. When I was a child, I was harassed by the police, the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department (Officer Keller, if you are still around, thank you for being such a terrible person and inspiring me to be an attorney) because my father was pretty good at not having a license or insurance for various reasons at various times. The logic goes, at least among the police I suppose, that the sins of the father should be visited upon the son. There was not a time when I had a scooter license or a drivers license that the police did not have a ticket pending against me. Their favorite was "no proof of insurance." My mother who lived on the other side of the Cities carried my insurance and did not send me the cards. As an attorney herself who handled car accident cases where the police did not even ask for insurance in those instances, she was surprised at the necessity of the police giving me a dozen tickets for not having my proof of insurance with me during the course of my high school years. The point of this background is that I have been attacked by the system directly, I have worked for the system, and I have worked in an around the system as a professional. I know something about the "system."

Have you or a friend ever called the police because something had been vandalized, your car had been stolen, your house or business burglarized, or your small business or person stolen from? Have you called them about any number of things and been treated by the police like you are crazy and they are too busy to handle your problem or even hear of it? I have. And so have plenty of my friends. The question then becomes, are the police too busy? If so, what are they busy with? When my mother called about her car being stolen the police did nothing to help her. When she said there was a huge fingerprint on her window (she keeps an immaculate car) and it was not there before the car was stolen, she was laughed at by the police. Investigate a property crime? Hilarious! When my friend Corey Sax had his car stolen several weeks ago, he called 911. The operator would not take his call or even a message. He was told to call the impound lot, which never answered. He then drove to the police precinct at 4 a.m. where there were three police eating donuts. They asked him if he paid his car payment, and sighed heavily when they were finally convinced to at least take some sort of a report. Police work in Minneapolis is apparently for shutting down legitimate businesses, not solving crime.

I could spend hours writing about the injustice and insanity I have seen in the justice system, and I have written about it some here before. However, an afternoon watching cases before this case came on last week was very illustrative of what I see all of the time.

It seemed that the majority of the cases that were on for that day, and most I see every day when I go to court, are about the police not reacting to people's complaints about crime - but rather organized fishing expeditions to create crime where there was none before. There was a guy busted by a police project to bust people for hiring prostitutes - a sting operation. When will the war on prostitution be won? Never.

There was a dorky looking guy there in his early twenties who was there with his Mom who had been chatting with an undercover police officer who he thought was an underage girl, and had apparently, given his prior guilty plea, engaged in some conduct to further this inchoate crime. I don't condone "internet predators," but what if, like the South Park episode, a lot of them were cops? Is this a good use of resources? I would say it is not as long as there are citizen calls about crimes that go laughed at by the police.

There was another unfortunate soul there in court who was an amiable african-american gentleman in his fifties who walked with a cane. His crime? Nagged by undercover police as he was walking along the street to help them find a place to buy cocaine, which he did apparently because he seemed to have a sort of helpful nature - not because he was any sort of drug-kingpin criminal. This gentleman had one prior felony - in 1977. Do I feel any safer because the cops got another felony pinned on this guy? Not one bit. Is our community any safer because they got this guy? Absolutely not. Not in the slightest. This was apparently part of some ongoing operation whose name now escapes me.

About a month ago, my younger brother came up to my house and said that his car had broken down along the road by my house. This was the evening and there was not much traffic. I walked down to the car with him and we pushed it on to a less busy side-road, and on to the side of the road. Then a Ramsey County Deputy in a squad came and talked to us. I did the talking. Then a K-9 unit came, and then two more squads, an undercover truck with cops lights inside it and another undercover sedan with lights came, and then a firetruck (the car was not smoking or anything, it was just apparently time to take the firetruck for a ride, weeeee!). So we had three squads, a K-9 Unit, two undercover vehicles, and a firetruck. I spoke with the deputy, using with what my brother calls "Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Powers" in talking to the cops, and asked the Deputy to call a tow truck and have the car towed to my house, and I would be delighted to pay for it (only $111.00 to go one block). Realizing that these were most certainly not the droids they were looking for, they slowly dissipated one by one as we waited for a tow truck. No charges were filed, because no one was breaking any laws.

There is a thought, especially among the pernicious Keynesians who are ruling us, that an economy where everyone works in and around the government is a pretty darn good idea. It may look good to them on paper, but in practice it becomes an insatiable fascist beast. Instead of real products and goods for sale, we have police, prosecutors, victims advocates, guardians ad litem, social workers, and an infinite number of other bureaucrats to feed, on all levels of government.

As citizens, we are not to be protected and served, but we are a carcass to be constantly gorged upon. When we are driving home after a few beers with our friends, we are antelopes wading across a crocodile infested river. Have you noticed an increase in contact with law enforcement for nonsensical things among your friends and family? Of course you have. As nearly fifty public defender positions have been eliminated, the enforcement end of the justice system has only grown. They always have plenty of cops and prosecutors to feed on the public. Please note, I do not hate all prosecutors, some of them are my friends, and will share in confidence the thoughts I am sharing with you.

The new economy is not based upon manufacturing, useful services, agriculture, and the like any more, it is a trouble-based economy. It's all about getting money out of trouble: Wars, social services, the police state, prisons and the like. When NAFTRACs is finally implemented (which MN DOT now denies, see this blog, supra), our masters and their helpers will be able to track their livestock (us) much more effectively.

For those of you who don't care about things like this because it is too depressing, you will not escape the clutches of this system, and it will force you to not be happy and to be oppressed unless it is stopped. Please work yourself and with your friends and family to help change this system to save our future and future generations from this tyranny.

Stay tuned in the very near future for some fantastic big brother information you will only get here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Flag returned last week, my new RNC videos & Help stop the "bailout"

I just got off the telephone with Jeff Austin, the man whose flag had been stolen by RNC "Red Hats" during the convention. He indicated to me that the flag had been returned to him last week and that it had been sent to him by Steve Rogers, a delegate from Minnesota Congressional District 5. I do not know from whom Mr. Rogers received the flag. If anyone knows I would be interested to speak to them. Mr. Austin was grateful he had his flag returned, and I am glad he got it back as well. Even so, the flag should never have been taken in the first place.

During the convention, I took several short videos with me, Corey Sax, Grant Cermak and a cast of other characters. I have gleaned through many of them and am posting those I found the most worthy of sharing. I should warn the prospective viewer though that there is some occasional foul language and disturbing police state crackdown coverage.

Here is Corey Sax interviewed by me about the Youtube booths:

Here is a massive police state motorcade in Minneapolis (I curse a little in this one, sorry):

Me on the floor of the RNC Convention before it began:

Ostensibly in violation of the nearly fifty-year old embargo, Cuban Sandwiches were being served in a secret area inside the RNC Convention. In support of these brave protesters, I ate one of their $8.00 Cuban sandwiches. It tasted like it was made in Cuba and shipped here for re-heating. I consider it a clue further evidencing communist influence at the Convention:

And finally, myself, Corey Sax and Grant Cermak at the Captain Morgan Bar in the bowels of the Convention Center:

I have some more things to write about coming up soon, including a special data practices act update from an agency I have not dealt with before. Call all of your people in Congress everyday to complain until they submit, quit, or are defeated. Complain right now about the bailout. Complain about everything else they do nearly everyday to control us, monitor us, steal from us, rip us off, and steal our freedom.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Revolutionary War Flag Stolen by "Red Hats" and Police After Group Picture of All Ron Paul Delegates at RNC Convention

Yesterday evening, the shameful and freedom killing police state being perpetrated on all citizens in the Twin Cities extended to elected National Delegates who were Ron Paul supporters after a group picture. The flag was an antique replica of a revolutionary war flag signed by Ron Paul that all Ron Paul delegates intended to sign as a memento of the convention. It was not there for any disruptive purpose - only for a memento.

Kris Broberg (Minnesota Delegation) and Adam Weigold (also Minnesota Delegation) were witnesses:

Here is the man from whom the Flag was stolen, Jeff Austin, a delegate from North Carolina:

Subsequent to this interview, we had discussion about what to do. Steve Rogers, Delegate from Congressional District 5 in Minnesota approached a national committee person he had been dealing with on other issues and conveyed a time deadline for return of the flag or we would go en masse and complain to the press. The response we received was that they may or may not return the flag, but if we went to the press en masse then they would surely destroy the flag. At that point I got frustrated and left other people to argue about it. I don't know if the flag has been returned or not. I am still willing to sue the police and any "Red Hats" involved in this crime and donate my time if folks will help with costs and the man whose flag was stolen is interested in this course of action. There are pictures from the scene that we can use to identify the perpetrators.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now Searchable: The MnDOT NASCO NAFTA Superhighway Document Stash


Improving the presentation of one of the strangest Minnesota state government document batches we've ever run across, PIM staff has released a more complete version of the massive MnDOT doc dump about the rather mysterious plan hatched by the North American Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO) to implement a military-style RFID-powered shipping container tracking system on Interstates 35 and 94. We first reported this last July, and provided additional documents obtained by lawyer Nathan Hansen in December.

Now you can get the 598 pages in one PDF file, (a more svelte 43 MB) and we used optical character recognition to make it fully searchable. The rest of the media has still overlooked this strange story about yet another federal boondoggle; in this case, it's been proposed by NASCO's backers at Lockheed Martin, which would collect revenue from building the system, and mine the data it would generate.

To recap: they want to set up monitoring centers dubbed "Total Transportation Domain Awareness Centers of Excellence," which appear to be 'data fusion' centers that would likely turn perpetual profits for contractors supporting the facilities. A system called NAFTRACS, which is based on the military's existing shipping container tracking system, would primarily use RFID tag-based tracking stations to keep an eye on shipping containers, and feed this information into a 'data warehouse' system, which in turn would support some type of supply-chain management system.

[Sidebar: the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act" bill also promotes other "centers of excellence" data fusion centers that would monitor America, so apparently this sort of Big Brother proposal is all the rage in Washington.]

Interestingly, the NASCO plan specifies that their NAFTRACS system would generate shipping container supply-chain data that Lockheed's business unit in Eagan would market as a business product. It appears that NASCO's plan has now become illegal under state law, because this year's (vetoed and overridden) transportation finance bill specifically banned privatizing the management of Minnesota's highways:

A road authority may not sell, lease, execute a development agreement for a BOT
facility or BTO facility that transfers an existing highway lane, or otherwise relinquish management of a highway...
No one at the Legislature seems to know about this: is anyone going to check out what the heck is going on? Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Documents Representing Only Propaganda from MN DOT, RIP Alexander Solzhenitsyn

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!

–Alexander Solzhenitsyn, b. December 11, 1918, d. August 3, 2008

When I was in the fifth grade at Cedar Island Elementary School in Maple Grove, Minnesota, someone who was from what the powers of google has shown to be likely from International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War came to my class to speak for some time about the Military Industrial Complex (I see from IPPNW's website that I could not disagree more with their view of small arms, and my mention of this organization is not an endorsement of their views). I recall him reviewing in great detail the nuclear capabilities of the United States and the Soviet Union. This was in the sunset of the days of "air raid drills" where we would hide under our desks to protect us from tornadoes and ostensibly nuclear bombs. The most important part of his little lecture was a warning he repeated again and again and wrote on the chalkboard: "BE SKEPTICAL, QUESTIONING AND DOUBTFUL about anything told to you by the government and/or the military industrial complex."

As time went on and I read more and gained more knowledge over the years, this lesson came back to me. It was always there, but just lying dormant. The very things this man was talking about were very real indeed. I now tell people to be skeptical, questioning and doubtful about anything the people in the government/military industrial complex/media tells them.

While I was taking this class over twenty years ago, Iran Contra was being exposed and Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn was in exile from his native Russia in New Hampshire. He was a tank officer for the Soviet Army in World War II. He was taken captive by the German Army during a battle. After the war, the reward for nearly every Soviet soldier who was taken captive by the Germans was a "fiver" at the minimum. A "fiver" was a five year sentence in the Gulag, a system of work camps set up by Joseph Stalin and his cohorts.

A thorough description of the Gulag system is far beyond the scope of this article, but I commend the reader to the English translation/abridged version of The Gulag Archipelago and the English version of the novella One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, both by Mr. Solzhenitsyn. After being released from (and surviving, for that matter) the Gulag system, he worked as a math teacher in exile in Kazakhstan and subsequently traveled around while writing and avoiding authorities, who were perpetually displeased with his writing. While on the run, he was writing The Gulag Archipelago, a book not entirely based on his experience, but directly on the experience of hundreds of people who were only a sampling of the millions who suffered under the Gulag system and the tyranny of Joseph Stalin. We should recall that the United States allied itself with Stalin in World War II. Stories relating to this are recounted in Mr. Solzhenitsyn's writings, and his complaints about Allied treatment of Soviet soldiers doomed to return to death camps are outlined in his writings.

The bottom line here is that things are not always what they seem, and that government tyranny is for real. Government was the number one cause of non-natural death in the twentieth century.

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.

In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.

–Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In this writer's opinion from my experience working in government for five years, and as an attorney in the trenches for the past five years, we are experiencing a merger of the the former Soviet system with our system. I have witnessed this personally in the erosion of the application and substance of our laws (including the application of the rules of evidence and other procedural rules routinely ignored or perhaps, forgotten), and this is further demonstrated by the "Department of Homeland Security" hiring former East-Germany Stasi Chief Markus Wolfe and former KGB General Yevgeni Primakov.

Tyranny is old and commonplace, freedom is the exception. The new tyranny metastasizing before those of us with our eyes and minds open is rather sophisticated, and requires constant vigilance and study to begin to comprehend it. One part of this tyranny is the odd merging of the state governments, federal government, a "non-profit" (NASCO) and the military industrial complex. I commend the reader to other portions of this blog for a more thorough explanation of this seemingly obscure but prescient issue. Contrary to NASCO's claim that "THREE OF THE EIGHT PIONEER ICM SITES chosen by US DOT for the below ICM program over 2006-to-2011 reside upon the NASCO Corridor backbone Interstate Highway 35 at SanAntonio and Dallas, Texas, and in Minneapolis, MN, respectively," MN DOT claims to have no knowledge or documents whatever relating to this proposed site in Minnesota.

The documents I received in response to my data practices act request consist entirely of e-mails relating to potential attendance of MN DOT bureaucrats at a convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba and propaganda from NASCO. On its website in connection with announcing the new NAFTRACs (Orwellian Control Grid, read supra) locations, NASCO further states that NAFTRACs is: "addressing congestion, empowering travelers, and improving travel time reliability." Of course, this is nonsense. If you read elsewhere in this blog, you will see that NASCO, Lockheed Martin, Savi Networks, US DOT, and various other state Departments of transportation are involved in the implementation of an important portion of a control grid that would be the envy of, and most certainly of interest to Joseph Stalin and anyone with similar plans. Such a tool as NAFTRACs would be indispensable to anyone or anything interested in imposing a more perfect tyranny. Here is something to consider, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Mary E. Peters, has a bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix - Online (link is to US DOT bio).

After I received the documents I have posted here as links, I was concerned that absolutely nothing in them mentions the NAFTRACs sites in Minnesota that NASCO boasts of on its website. I contacted the Staff Attorney for MN DOT, Peter Zuniga, via telephone and asked him about this seeming contradiction in information between MN DOT and NASCO. During the conversation, he agreed to further look into the issue, and I agreed that for his role, I would be satisfied with an assurance in writing that MN DOT had no further information relating to the issue. Such a response was provided, and confirmed that either 1) MN DOT is not telling the truth or 2) NASCO is not telling the truth or 3) there is a combination of lies between them. The official story appears to be that NASCO is entirely lying about plans for NAFTRACs in Minnesota and that the Minnesota Department of Transportation has no idea that such plans exist (it is remarkable that a simple review of NASCO's website boasts of these plans, but they entirely evade the review of the MN DOT Bureaucrats!). This leaves one to wonder about why Minnesota would pay $50,000 a year for membership in such a mendacious organization.

Quite some time ago, I was told by a reliable source at MN DOT who shall remain anonymous, that efforts to avoid the substance of my data practices act requests were afoot. The responses I have received appear to be the culmination of such plans. There are complaints in the first documents posted on this blog and still extant here (but the exact location here on this blog evades the writer right now), in which Tiffany Melvin, Executive Director of NASCO, expresses concerns about people obtaining information about NASCO and Lockheed Martin's plans relating to NAFTRACs via state data practices/open government laws. Should any governments' dealing with private companies for such an ongoing tax and comprehensive tracking scheme be secret? Absolutely not. I have not yet decided if I am going to sue MN DOT for more information. It's difficult to prove a negative. If I were to speculate, I would imagine that they are just telling the polite Peter Zuniga to just tell me whatever and get rid of me. I am not satisfied with the documents I have received. It's highly unlikely that MN DOT has no documentation relating to the installation of NAFTRACs in Minnesota. If they don't have any idea, why do they talk do much about NAFTRACs in general, but never offer any details? If a site has been selected, as NASCO boasts, where is it? MN DOT has maintained it has no idea whatsoever. It appears to me that the Government is lying to myself and all of us.

Unfortunately, most people are still getting their news from the mainstream media on the television. This is not a good place to get news people. This is nothing but software updates for our brains from the Military Industrial Complex. Have you ever considered that General Electric owns NBC and Raytheon? Give that some thought and wonder why in the world that may be.

Awhile ago, I received an e-mail from the Deputy Chair of the Republican Party telling everyone to start blogs. I would submit to her that one has to have some original thoughts and information to produce anything that anyone might read. I lost interest in regurgitations of mainstream news lies and obfuscations several years ago.

We have a more modern battle for liberty on our hands than has perhaps been manifested in the past. Please support liberty and liberty issues. I encourage you to read the "NASCO Speaks Out," in which Tiffany Melvin writes that there has been "confusion" about what NASCO is up to because of "complex issues that are not easy to explain, and various events taking place, in isolation, that have been strung together in a manipulative way."

There is no manipulation here, the only people who are manipulating people are NASCO, various components of government, Savi Networks, Lockheed Martin and and other enemies of freedom. Who is writing propaganda letters for the people in government to sign on their behalf? Not me. NASCO.

Please stay tuned. I will write more about more things in the future. I do not write these entries in a haphazard way, it takes me several hours to piece one together to my satisfaction.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

MNLG has a picnic, Norm Coleman responds in kind with a Luau, and Gov. Pawlenty is mistaken on the issue of REAL ID.

I am pleased to report about the turnout at the Minnesotans for Limited Government picnic that was held at Island Lake Park in Shoreview yesterday evening (Wednesday, June 26, 2008). On a warm Wednesday evening, with significant humidity and traffic along 694, I would estimate that at least 100 people showed up at this event. The list of speakers was impressive, and included two candidates for the United States Congress, Barb Davis-White and Ed Matthews. Other folks of note and candidates spoke at this event. The food, the people, and the weather were all favorable. I spoke with some folks about this event today - and they wish they would have known about it. I encourage anyone to check out their website and keep an eye out for upcoming events. It's encouraging to see that there are so many other folks who love liberty. As one speaker noted, there were people of every age range there. No matter who you are, it is tough to not love liberty.

I had known about the upcoming MNLG picnic for over two weeks. Three days ago, I received the following e-mail from the Norm Coleman Campaign:

From: Norm Coleman Campaign (name omitted, don't want to vilify her)
To: (list of Republicans, including me)
Luau Night at the Coleman Campaign
Date: June 24, 2008

Luau Night – Wednesday, June 25th

Come Anytime Between 5 and 9 PM

680 Transfer Road, Suite A Saint Paul, MN 55114

Bring your leis, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts for a best-dressed competition and

Hawaiian food at Campaign Headquarters. Prizes awarded for the best Luau outfit and calls made!

Among the fascinating things about this e-mail is my general sense of how absolutely out of touch these people are.

First of all, I received notice of Senator Coleman's event three days ago, so I am surmising that this event was created to be in competition with the MNLG event, which was planned over two weeks ago. Of course they are free to have any event they want - I am not complaining about that. Rather, I think MNLG should be flattered by this competing event - as it is organized by a sitting United States Senator.

The MNLG picnic was held in a beautiful park on a beautiful day. People of all ages, including peoples' children, showed up and enjoyed themselves. There was a playground for the kids. The agenda was leisurely, the speakers interesting, and the topics important. People were concerned about big government, big taxes, big spending, and big brother. Senator Coleman's people offered to have you dress like an idiot and make phone calls to people telling them to vote for Norm Coleman. If people like the ideas, they will come. There is no need to harass them on the telephone in the evening in the middle of the summer and tell them they should vote for carbon taxes, more spending, and more government interference in our lives. Asking us to peddle such nonsense is akin to asking us to sell peacock poop pancakes next to the cheese curd booth at the State Fair. A hopeless and pernicious endeavor indeed.

Governor Pawlenty, despite some of his postive attributes, such as his defense of firearms ownership, also has some serious issues. Before going in to what I was going to write about, I cannot help but complain about the word for "taxes" being changed to the word "fees" in some respects under Governor Pawlenty (Want to get divorced in Hennepin County?, $664 in filing fees just for the Petition and Answer to the government!) I still have noticed that everyone still spends way too much on government. Among the most terrible government programs being perpetrated upon us as of that is that of the Real ID act. I am not going to write in great detail about what the REAL ID Act, but in essence it is a Federalized ID that contains biometric (e.g., fingerprint, iris scan) information and countless other big brother attributes. I read that the Governor of Montana told the Feds to "go to hell" over this issue.

Governor Pawlenty, however, supports the REAL ID act, and has indicated to the Legislature his support for it. In a letter to the Speaker of the Minnesota House (and citing this letter is not any indication of this writer's support for her), Governor Pawlenty writes: "Implementing READ ID reduce illegal immigration."

Instead of looking to implement another aspect of an Orwellian control scheme, such as those discussed in other parts of this blog, the Governor should take a look right in his backyard - the situations right under his nose. For example, NAFTRACS, a Lockheed Martin military industrial complex control grid run under the auspices of NASCO is a continuing menace. Another ongoing problem relates to the $664 fee to the government for filing a Petition and Answer to a divorce case in Minnesota.

When police actually have to break down and charge someone who is in this country illegally with a crime, which they seem to avoid at almost all costs, they have to appear in court to answer for the charges. If they do not speak English, the court must hire a translator to translate for them. The court must pay for whatever this translator may charge. If I were to guess, they probably charge at least $50.00 an hour, if not more. In addition, because the court is paying for the translator, the people here who are charged with a crime and do not speak English always go first, before everyone else.

One time I was standing in for a friend of mine representing an African-American woman who was a single mother. She had a single charge for driving after revocation as a result of non-payment of a fine. When she had received the ticket she was only sitting in the car with the keys in the ignition - on the passenger side. She was listening to the radio while her friend went into the bank, that's why the keys were in the ignition. Before we could go up before the court, wherein she had to pay a pretty significant fine, a Mexican national was brought up before the court. He was charged with Driving While Intoxicated - 4th Degree, a misdemeanor. He plead to a Careless Driving and received a $50.00 fine, with no jail time. His conduct? In the same City from which my client received her ticket, he was caught urinating on the side of the road while drunk. Inside of his car, which he had been driving, were several adults and several young children. The young children were on the floor and not in car seats or seat belts. If this was an American citizen, they would have been charged with enough crimes to send them to prison, had their children taken away, and possibly have their parental rights terminated.

Pointing out hypocrisy in our government is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500. When I was in court at the Hennepin County District Court the other day, I tore off from pre-bound, printed pads located on each side of the room, a form explaining people's rights in Spanish. There were hundreds of copies of these. I took several years of Spanish, and have even worked at a Restaurant with wonderful Mexican nationals in high school, but uncontrolled immigration is not in the best interests of the United States or Mexico. Mexico is losing its young people, and we are being overrun. Both countries are losing their sovereignty. The battle is against those who are running this racket - not each other. The document in the court was entitled: "DERECHOS DEL ACCUSADO EN CASOS DE DELITOS MENORES GRAVES, Y FALTAS EN EL DISTRITO JUDICIAL DEL CONTANDO DE HENNEPIN."

The fact is that we do not need a military industrial complex big government control grid to deal with the issue of illegal immigration. The so-called justice system needs to look right in front of its face and deal effectively with information it already has. The problem is not a paucity of laws, information, or resources. Rather the problem is a failure of Government to enforce existing laws with existing resources, and the existence of too many laws with too much government.

Governor Pawlenty's wife, the Honorable Mary Pawlenty, was a Judge in Dakota County. Governor Pawlenty is a lawyer by trade. These folks absolutely must know about situations I have written about in this article. Given this knowledge, I wish they would stand up against the evil forces who wish to continue to enslave us with an Orwellian control grid.

REAL ID is a problem in search of a solution and must be fought in every state and on the Federal level. Tell your legislators in no uncertain terms that you oppose the control grid in all of its iterations.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What do Norm Coleman, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden and Chuck Schumer have in Common? They are all co-sponsors on an insane Malthusian Al Gore Bill

Norm Coleman has teamed up with his pals Chuck Schumer, Amy Klobuchar, and Ron Wyden to impose upon us an insane Malthusian carbon trading scheme. This scheme is just one of the types of schemes Al Gore is pushing to make himself and his masters more fabulously wealthy. I am glad to see Norm Coleman is such a conservative. This type of bill is no minor thing. This is about total control and domination of the population, of us, their livestock.

If you think I am kidding, check out this article from the BBC in the United Kingdon, MPs (Members of Parliament) Back Personal Carbon Credits. For life, you need oxygen, carbon, water, and sunlight at a minimum. This is simply a tax on life for total command and control of the population. What do you think they are doing with all of these cameras and tracking devices and carbon schemes? This is big government at its most pernicious.

The future where we are tracked, tagged, ticketed, poked, prodded, searched and otherwise molested by these government thugs is now dawning upon us. This needs to be turned around. Now that Norm Coleman has co-sponsored this atrocity to humanity, I will never support him. Never. Can you imagine government bureaucrats regulating your "carbon usage"?

If you want to crack through their matrix, you must not stand idly by. We must resist with all of our ability. I was told by a Coleman toadie at the MN GOP Convention this weekend that Norm Coleman needed to compromise on schemes like this to "get things done." I would rather not have government "done" to me.

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

Some words of wisdom:

Stop carbon taxes and big brother!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back: MN State GOP Convention comments & and the continuing battle for the Republic

Ron Carey never responded to my letter. I was told that he told the Chair of the Ron Paul Campaign in Minnesota, Marianne Stebbins, that Ron Paul could speak if he dropped out of the Presidential race and endorsed Barack Obama, I mean John McCain.

The Minnesota State Convention was a model of Stalinesque thuggery. It is hilarious and sad to me that these Neocons - who justify the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq for among other specious reasons elections in which Saddam Hussein was the only candidate, ran the convention in a manner which would make Saddam himself blush. For the national delegate positions up for election at the convention, Ron Carey & Co. allowed four out of eighteen prospective nominees to be people who were not on their slate. That means fourteen of the eighteen prospective national delegates were people picked by Ron Carey and his cohorts. It's as if that in their meddling in Iraq, these Neocons picked up some of Saddam's Hussein's ideas about how to run "elections."

I encourage those who wonder about Neocons and the cause against them in favor of limited government view this speech by Ron Paul on the House Floor called "Neoconned"!

For the alternate delegate positions, Ron Carey & Co. did not allow anyone who was not on their slate and/or a Neocon to be on the ballot. It was complained about by the person announcing the results that people wrote profanities and/or drew in their ballots. What is more profane than any written profanity is the willful and America-destroying disrespect of Republican values of these people who think they are pretty darn smart because they figured out how to run a tyranny on people. Like Ron Paul said in his speech outside the convention in Rochester this past weekend: tyranny is a very old idea and liberty is the the new and rare one.

The limited government movement is just getting warmed up. Marianne Stebbins, who I consider to be a rather heroic and clever individual, and who is also our Ron Paul Chair in Minnesota, received 42.2% of the vote for National Delegate. This is nothing to sneeze at, as she was obviously a Ron Pauler. We came within a few percentage points of total victory.

The tyranny run by Ron Carey & Co. works against them. The more it is run, the more curious people become about what is going on with this party. The more they are oppressed, the harder they lean against the oppression. Ron Carey & Co.'s profanity to American values really offended myself and other people at our Convention, and like Barb Davis White (R-Candidate for U.S. House, MN CD-5) said when she introduced Ron Paul, the Republican Party of Minnesota owes an apology for making this man speak outside (I am paraphrasing, but that is what she basically said). These socialist Trotzkyites need to be removed from our party. Their support for socialism and socialist policies of Norm Coleman and Al Gore has demonstrated beyond any doubt that they are Republicans in Name Only.

During the convention, I had hostile and rude people tell me that Saddam Hussein killed 650,000 people per day when he was President of Iraq and that a nearly a billion dollars a day is being spent there "for freedom." Heaven forfend I dispute these pearls of wisdom.

The "Republican" and candidate for Minnesota Senate, Norm Coleman, is in favor of global "cap and trade" carbon trading schemes that make the income tax and every other profane form of big government look reasonable and sound. I cannot fathom why a "contest" against the big government toadie Al Franken is even seriously characterized as a reasonable dispute about any ideas by any thinking and rational individual.

We need to get the call out to everyone. Get your friends and neighbors away from the television and tell them about what is going on. I have written about Big Brother on this blog in many respects. We need to mobilize candidates against Big Brother. I encourage folks to help Bill Jungbauer for Minnesota House of Representatives.

Further, relating to other, more local races, I think my blog entry about the hundreds of surveillance cameras with sound capability (they are connected to the Internet, and can be expanded, and appear to have cameras with this capability) in Minneapolis are a serious issue for the Minneapolis City Council races. These documents are posted in links on the right-hand side of this blog. People who support Big Brother in this way should be challenged for their seat and lose it to a limited government Republican. There aren't really too many Democrats or any Neocons nowadays who don't love a new expansion of Big Brother government. Sadly, many Republicans have joined them in their massive control grid operations. I encourage "Ron Paul" limited government Republicans to run against "police state" Democrats for seats on the Minneapolis City Council. Such a win would be a significant achievement for the limited government movement.

Please also remember NASCO - its control grid continues as I write and as you are reading this. Contact your legislators about stopping them! There are many facets to their rackets!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ron Carey will not let Ron Paul speak at the MN GOP Convention and will only provide state delegate and alternate list to neocon Democrat John McCain.

There has been some talk about Ron Paul being present at the upcoming Minnesota State Republican Convention in Rochester, Minnesota. I do not represent Ron Paul's campaign in any official capacity, and therefore I do not speak for him. However, I am a delegate to the upcoming state convention, and I would like to see him speak. An updated convention call with convention notes I received from the Republican Party of Minnesota revealed that Karl Rove was going to speak to our convention. Karl Rove, but not Ron Paul. Pearls of wisdom from me about Karl Rove are outside the scope of this post, but I would commend the reader to the Internet for their own research on the individual George W. Bush calls "Terdblossom."

Yesterday, I wrote a letter to Ron Carey, Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, outlining my concerns as a delegate about Ron Paul potentially speaking at the Minnesota State Convention and the release of the state delegate and alternate list. Here is the text of my letter to Ron Carey:

Ron Carey, Chair
Republican Party of Minnesota
525 Park Street, Suite 250
St Paul, MN 55103

Dear Mr. Carey:

I write to you in my capacity as a Republican who has been elected a delegate to the Congressional District Four Convention and the Minnesota State Convention and as an alternate to the National Convention this coming September.

It is my understanding that the state delegate and alternate list has been released to some folks who are running for the Presidential nomination. It is further my understanding that you have been unwilling to provide this list to the Ron Paul Campaign in Minnesota. I respectfully request that a copy of this list be provided to Ron Paul supporters and any other persons seeking to campaign for Republican nominations.

As you are probably well aware, Ron Paul may be in attendance for some portion of our state convention. It is my understanding and my fear given past performance of party “regulars” that there may be an unwillingness to let Dr. Paul speak at our state convention.

Dr. Paul’s conservative record is impeccable. He has never voted to raise taxes, has never voted for a Federal restriction on firearms ownership, and has always returned a portion of his Congressional Office’s budget to the U.S. Treasury each year. His personal credentials as a public servant and as an individual are impeccable. His new book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” is currently the number one non-fiction book on the New York Times Best Seller List.

On the other hand, the media-appointed “presumptive” nominee, John McCain, has been involved in scandals for most of his professional life. His involvement in the “Keating Five” scandal is particularly disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is that this man has co-sponsored EIGHTY-SIX Bills with Senators Clinton and Obama since 2005 . To call this man a “Republican in Name Only” is an understatement.

Regardless of John McCain’s close cooperation with his Democrat friends, true small government conservatives deserve their voices to be heard. I cannot understand why any true conservative would not want to hear what Dr. Paul has to say.

In light of the foregoing, I respectfully request that the state delegate and alternate list be provided to the Ron Paul Campaign, or even to myself and I will provide it to them.

Further, and more importantly, I would be embarrassed as a Republican in Minnesota if we as a party lack the class to let this visiting dignitary speak at our convention. I am confident that someone with as much class and leadership ability as you will take affirmative steps to see that Dr. Ron Paul is given the welcome to Minnesota that he deserves.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me any time. My mobile phone number is 651-216-6044.

I thank you kindly for your attention to these matters.


Nathan M. Hansen

I have not yet heard anything back from Mr. Carey. It is my understanding that he has also not responded to other folks who have made requests similar to the ones I made in my letter.

The Republican Party in Minnesota has grown weak by being insular and controlled by Trotzkyite Neocons. Its status right now reminds me of the Old King in the Lord of the Rings who falls under the influence of the evil sorcerer via the toad-like man who always whispers in his ear about what to do. That man reminds me of Karl Rove. Eventually, Gandolf comes and casts a spell freeing the King of the nefarious influence. Hopefully Ron Paul supporters together with like-minded freedom loving conservatives can break the Neocon Spell.

So how about it Ron Carey? How about opening up the party and the process so we can get some more Republicans in office? What in the world are you afraid of? Freedom? Liberty? People thinking their own thoughts? I respectfully ask you to please consider what we are saying. I think you may find that "Ron Paul people" are smart, educated, and sincere people.

Friday, May 9, 2008

It does not appear that MN DOT is a member of NASCO anymore, but Lockheed Martin still is, and NAFTRACS is being implemented in Minneapolis.

Despite the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN DOT) no longer being listed as a member of NASCO on NASCO's Member List, NASCO's website proudly reports, in press release appropriately tagged "NAFTRACS, Tracking & Tracing":

NASCO NOTE: THREE OF THE EIGHT PIONEER ICM SITES chosen by US DOT for the below ICM program over 2006-to-2011 reside upon the NASCO Corridor backbone Interstate Highway 35 at San Antonio, and Dallas, Texas, and in Minneapolis, MN, respectively. A core focus of NASCO’s NAFTRACs cargo movement tracking, management and security initiative under the auspices of the U.S. DOT is the use of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) information gathering assets in place already and assisting in urban congestion. The objective is to evaluate NAFTRACS as a model tool to integrate now disparate ITS congestion mitigation tools within each state and across the states on the NASCO Corridor so as to provide public and private users of NAFTRACS a near real-time, web-based common operating picture of actual traffic and freight movement conditions across the U.S. heartland."

This means that NASCO has not abandoned its plans with Lockheed Martin, written about and documented with their own documents elsewhere in this blog, to run their profitable tracking system, NAFTRACS. One can note, as mentioned in the title of this entry, that Lockheed Martin remains a member of NASCO. As a matter of fact, everything is going along as planned.

It appears that NASCO has hung its hat (along with Lockheed Martin) on the reliable corruption of the federal government, specifically US DOT, to implement its plan. Better for them anyway, that way there can be no doubt that the taxpayers can spend every single dime for their own electronic prison. Heaven forfend Lockheed Martin spend any of its own money on its Orwellian control grid. I have also posted a grant in this blog from US DOT for the NAFTRACs project. This is properly described as the "socialization of risk," in which the taxpayers take all of the risk and "private" industry reaps all of the rewards. This is not capitalism or free markets. This is a "kleptocracy" and one more aspect of controlling every aspect of people's lives. From the Real ID Act, to DNA collection on children and cameras everywhere in every form, the military industrial complex has us in its grip.

Just yesterday evening, I was driving northbound on I-494 in Plymouth and traffic was reduced by a lane. I checked carefully at the truck that had traffic slowed down, and it was a company that said on its truck that it installed camera surveillance equipment - welcoming me to the police state.

As folks are rightfully furious about the things going on with the collection of childens' DNA in Minnesota, an issue covered extensively and heroically by the Citizens Council on Health Care, we need to be wary of the present and impending police state in all of its incarnations.

We are under attack on many fronts. I wish more people would pay attention. Civil liberties and freedom need to be the top issues for the foreseeable future. Those compromising on these issues, whatever their party affiliation, need to be campaigned against and voted out of office forthwith.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Case against MN DOT dismissed via stipulation, new documents from Minneapolis show us Big Brother's relentless pursuit of ubiquity.

I have not updated this blog for some time. There have been many things I would like to write about, but I have suffered a "writer's block" of sorts. In early January of this year, I dismissed my lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Transportation in exchange for payment of my costs. MN DOT had not answered my lawsuit, which I had served upon MN DOT in person and by serving the Attorney General, which should be good service of process. Shortly after the service of the lawsuit, I received some documents I had requested. As I wrote in my earlier post, I have some suspicion about whether I actually received all of the documents. Even so, it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove this.

Since my last post, I have also received documents I requested from the City of Minneapolis about the red light traffic cameras that were found to be violative of Minnesota Law and the run of the mill "Big Brother" cameras that are being installed everywhere. The information I obtained contains a contract with a company out of South Dakota for the installation of these cameras. There are a lot of questions I have about this system.

I have serious doubts about whether there is any real interest in fighting crime with them. A friend of mine who is also an attorney works downtown on the main floor of a building. A criminal came into their office and picked up a laptop computer and ran with it. His fleeing was caught on camera. Her boss went down to the precinct where the police had an array of cameras and had caught the criminals flight on camera. The police had very little interest in investigating this crime other than the taking of a report. This leads me to believe that these cameras have very little to do with fighting crime and a lot to do with command and control of the population - us, their sheep, their cattle, their livestock.

It's my suspicion that theft from fellow citizens is just not important to them. These cameras are for the selective enforcement of the laws I have come to expect - turn your back on major crimes and only randomly or perniciously enforce other more petty crimes, or even worse, prosecute conduct that isn't really a crime and overcharge and vigorously pursue it - even multiplying charges to confuse juries and stampede the justice system.

What is going on is much larger than cameras or tracking devices written about in this blog. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue - it's my belief that in large part an artificial construct designed by our controllers to control the debate. The real issue is best summed up as continuing and increasing command and control of the population versus individual liberty.

I am a Republican and have been so for most of my conscious life. The Republican party as it exists today has been infiltrated by Trotzkyite Socialists who will say anything to get elected and then do something else completely.

I am an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in September and will be attending.

My party needs to be taken back by people who love liberty. This line of thinking is a whole other matter and I don't want to run too far afield with it, but I wanted put it out there. I believe it is of note because I am a Republican, and I am criticizing the "Big Brother" activities of an avowedly "Liberal Democrat" Mayor - R.T. Rybak. Since when are the Democrats so big on a police state? The Democrats are suffering from a similar malady as many Republicans: these politicians say one thing and do something entirely different. Each side thinks their elected representatives believe in something they voted for, only for the representatives to go off and continue their support for the police state and other undesirable schemes.

With regard to NASCO, please go to their site and get updated. People with the time and inclination should keep up with what they are doing and attend their conferences. I have video provided to me by someone who attended one of their conferences. It is my intention to put up portions of it on youtube or google video. There is one speaker they hired who goes into great detail about how the sovereignty of Mexico, Canada and the United States needs to be eliminated. I am so ashamed and disgusted that my state pays for membership in an organization that hires speakers like this.