Saturday, September 8, 2007

NASCO Unveils Tortilla Initiative, Denounces "Conspiracy Theorists" and Promises Direct Influence on the Media

[Headnote: these documents exist and I am reading from them; I am working on getting them posted]

In furtherance of its ongoing concern for the health, safety, and welfare of the American People, NASCO has made a direct reference to something related to its activities which it calls "the initiative with the corn tortilla." Details relating to what this initiative entails were absent in the Minutes of a Board of Directors of NASCO meeting dated May 30, 2007.

Details are sketchy, but everyone remains hopeful about the "corn tortilla initiative." After mentioning this and other things as an update from Jim Bergfalk of the "Knowledge Corridor," the minutes go on to mention that Big 12 Universities are endeavoring on NASCO's behalf, and emphasizes:

"It is important for all of the Universities and entities working on research and development projects in these common areas to be coordinated and all have agreed to work with NASCO and to work for NASCO to play that role. Things are in their infancy and we are working on some baby steps to get this moving." Emphasis added.

After offering nothing else about the "tortilla initiative" and its other plans (not including specifically their maniacal Orwellian plan to track and tax everyone, which is discussed in other parts of this blog), NASCO goes on to discuss "NASCO in the media" and it complains about "conspiracy theorists." This label is not and never was an appropriate label for people who criticize NASCO. In light of the activities NASCO is participating in, specifically the imposition of a a totalitarian police/welfare/warfare state, I think that people who criticize NASCO are not only well-founded, but doing a public service. If NASCO believes things that I am saying are untrue and unsupported in fact, I have heard no such specific criticism. Consistent with what I have seen and what I am saying, NASCO writes in its May 30, 2007 minutes:

"[S]till have 'conspiracy theorists' out there. They will never go away. Over the summer, NASCO will work to set up some Editorial Board meetings with major newspapers along the corridor to get the word out about what NASCO is and isn't. We have had some very good press as of late, combating the conspiracies, and NASCO staff will make sure that we put links to those articles on our website."

You are right about one thing Tiffany Melvin, we will never go away.

So that we can end all of these "conspiracies," will NASCO submit and cooperate with a comprehensive documentary about it and examination of all of NASCO's records, including all of its funding sources and banking information?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

NASCO writes propaganda letters for Department of Tranportation Commissioners' Signature

I have received a batch of new document from the good folks at OK SAFE. There is so much here that I can't do it all justice in one posting. Therefore I am going to break it down and start with the first thing I read.

What I read is an email from Tiffany Melvin, Director of NASCO, to Dawn Sullivan at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. In this e-mail, Ms. Melvin sends a boilerplate letter of support praising her and NASCO for the signature of the Departments of Transportation of Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, and Iowa.

It appears this letter is intended to obtain bureaucratic bolstering of NASCO's diabolical mission. In a letter which has fill-in-the-blanks for various states' transportation officials, I excerpt as follows:

"as the XXXXXXX of the XX Department of Transportation and a member of...NASCO...I understand that NASCO is about to implement a federally funded pilot program entitled NAFTRACS...Thank you for the leadership and efforts of NASCO on this important project. We look forward to participating and to hearing from you soon."

There are many comments and thoughts I have about this passage, many of which are just not appropriate for family consumption. We have already established NASCO's direct connection with the military industrial complex and Red China. Surely, none of us as citizens have the influence bestowed upon us by the benevolent military industrial complex to draft letters in support of us for signature by the Commissioners/Directors of Transportation of four different states.

What is going on here? Pure, unadulterated and arrogant corruption. While a bridge that I drove on regularly collapsed, my trusted government officials were negotiating with NASCO, Lockheed Martin, and Red China to track my every movement in my vehicle. They arrogantly continue on this unwise course. It is going to produce results with which no one except the criminals who profit from it will be happy.

I have contacted my state legislator, Bev Scalze, about this issue and she has not responded to me. We absolutely, without any shred of a doubt, need a law in Minnesota absolutely forbidding our state to have any association with NASCO. The existence of these plans is not mere conjecture or fanciful imagination, it is laid bare in the documents myself and other folks have obtained and which are available for your review right here.

If you want to know what is coming for us, please read Sal Costello's Blog. Texas is THE front line of toll road battle, and Mr. Costello is one of the top leaders of the resistance there. Through no fault of Mr. Costello, this front is starting to resemble the Maginot Line under Hitler's Blitzkrieg because not enough well-minded citizens know about this issue. This must end now.

If you like driving, you better listen up NOW! This is absolutely real.

Contact your legislator, contact me, tell your friends and your family, bullhorn your capital building, ask your trusted government officials about this. This is not a forgone conclusion. We are the people, and we ultimately run this show, even though we have been told for several generations that this is somehow no longer the case.

I am actively looking for similarly concerned people to join me in this issue. It is the frontline of the battle for our civil liberties and our humanity. Anyone is welcome, but people with time to discuss and implement projects and articles are also most certainly welcome.