Friday, August 31, 2007

The files are now improved and NASCO and Lockeed Martin continue their nefarious agenda undeterred and unabated.

The files hosted on my website are now "right-side up" and are also now searchable. Further, the good people at have completed a large open records law request from their Department of Transportation and are going to be shipping those documents to me. Once I receive them, I will get them scanned in and searchable as soon as possible. I have not seen them yet, but from what I have heard from the OK-SAFE people the Orwellian NASCO NAFTRACS Initiative continues unabated as NASCO continues to run interference for Lockheed Martin and its Red Chinese partners.

Stay tuned, this battle is just heating up and will continue for the foreseeable future. I encourage all of you to contact your legislators, wherever you may be, and tell them your state should disassociate itself with NASCO and Lockheed Martin.

Further, I encourage everyone to purchase or check out from your library The Late Great USA by Dr. Jerome Corsi. This NAFTRACs plan is part of a larger plan to strip the United States and Canada of their manufacturing power (what's left of it) and flood the United States and Canada with cheap goods from China. This plan is not good for Mexico, the United States, Canada, or China. Workers in China receive wages that are even too cheap for Mexico to compete with. The planned port in Lazaro-Cardenas, Mexico is designed to circumvent the Longshoremen's Union on the West Coast and to break the United Transportation Union. This is not a left-right issue, this is a human citizen issue. These plans benefit the elite and large corporations while further subjugating the United States and Canada to them and further turning China into a plantation of labor for cheap goods. No human deserves the ill effects of these nefarious plans, whether they be Mexican, American, Canadian, or Chinese.

Please, please, please, turn off American Idol, MTV, or the Caveman show brought to you by an insurance Company and wake up to the reality of what is going on with the world. I know it's not pleasant, but it is real and these are serious times. Whatever you have traditionally considered your political persuasion to be, this is an issue that unites all of us.

Stay tuned to this, and do some more research to tune yourself in.