Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some Documents obtained from MN DOT Today, Lockheed Martin Still wants to be Big Brother to you, and we have always been at war with Oceania.

Today I picked up a little over six hundred pages from MN DOT Central Office in St. Paul. The prior request I made generated over 3,000 pages of documents. The fewer number of documents obtained this time arises my suspicion. Further, there was at least one document not in there that should have been in there, and that is the fully executed non-binding letter of intent between NASCO and SAVI Networks, which was obtained by the ok-safe people in Oklahoma. Although NASCO is always talking about shipping containers in most of its documents, it is the non-binding letter of intent that says that the plan is to involve "all modes of transportation."

I am going to digest much of what I have obtained and read so far and write more about it. This nefarious plan continues and it must be stopped. Now that I know how to upload documents and link to them I can produce some nice material with pertinent hotlinks. I was a little naive before to think people would navigate through all of the documents like myself and a select few other people do.

As I have said time and time again, Lockheed Martin, a flagship member of the Military Industrial Complex in the United States and a major defense contractor, is the major force behind this NAFTRACS plan. A good example of this is this email in which one Bob Johns tells Brad Larsen of MN DOT: "Our local Lockheed office seems to be a big player--influencing earmarks."

Well, no kidding. There is a weird "sole source" grant that was given to NASCO from US DOT for NAFTRACS. Lockheed Martin adds insult to injury by having we the people pay for our own transportation enslavement to them. Whatever politicians are whoring themselves to Lockheed Martin for this plan, those being influenced by the "local Lockheed office" should take heed: Times are changing and this sort of blatant corruption and pandering will not stand. There should be nothing more important than the interests of your constituents and their families, not your lobbyist pals from Lockheed.

There is much more I will write later. Much to my amusement, I made one of the MN DOT e-mails, in which one Mike Robinson writes to one John Bray: "This person retrieved e-mails through a data practices request. He has his own agenda and spins accordingly."

Indeed my bureaucrat friend, I do have an agenda but it is not the nefarious one you have been dragged into; it is the agenda of public interest and openness and honesty in government, not Lockheed Martin's "confidential" plans for an Orwellian control grid.

There was a time when it was understood that "public/private partnerships" were in fact the definition of fascism, which is combination of government with business, such as the Third Reich's Todt Organization.

Stay tuned, and wake up. Please contact your legislator about this.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lawsuit to obtain documents related to MN DOT's membership in NASCO filed and served today.

I have been somewhat neglectful of writing more analysis of documents relating to NASCO and its partnership with the military industrial complex on this blog. In retrospect, I should have spent more time looking at the documents that the people from OK-SAFE sent to me. These documents are uploaded to my law office server now though and are available at

Even so, I have not forgotten about this issue. On August 2, 2007, I sent a request for updated documents related to MN DOT's membership in NASCO. After numerous telephone calls and letters to MN DOT's data practices office, I received a voice mail on October 25, 2007 that indicated that I would receive my documents "on Friday." I have not received any documents and I have not heard anything else.

The lack of responsiveness on the part of MN DOT has forced me to bring a lawsuit to compel compliance with the data practices act. I also seek mandamus relief, which is an alternative and "older" type of relief, but basically the same. My efforts are set forth in detail in the Complaint I filed today.

I don't seek large monetary damages out of the suit, other than the amount I paid for the filing fee and whatever nominal statutory damages may be allowed. My motivation is not monetary gain, but rather to obtain these documents. The NAFTRACS plan to track all transportation moves along unabated without any citizen input or control. The military industrial complex's plan to track and control the population must be exposed and stopped. I encourage everyone to examine this issue and contact their representatives about this issue.

Please watch this blog for updates about this lawsuit and other issues relating to NASCO, NAFTRACs, the North American Union, and Lockheed Martin.

If you live in Minnesota, please contact your State Senators and Representatives about this. If you live anywhere, please contact your representatives about the NAU and the NAFTRACs initiative. If these people ignore you, remember that when it comes to election day. Support politicians who oppose such Orwellian initiatives.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

NASCO Unveils Tortilla Initiative, Denounces "Conspiracy Theorists" and Promises Direct Influence on the Media

[Headnote: these documents exist and I am reading from them; I am working on getting them posted]

In furtherance of its ongoing concern for the health, safety, and welfare of the American People, NASCO has made a direct reference to something related to its activities which it calls "the initiative with the corn tortilla." Details relating to what this initiative entails were absent in the Minutes of a Board of Directors of NASCO meeting dated May 30, 2007.

Details are sketchy, but everyone remains hopeful about the "corn tortilla initiative." After mentioning this and other things as an update from Jim Bergfalk of the "Knowledge Corridor," the minutes go on to mention that Big 12 Universities are endeavoring on NASCO's behalf, and emphasizes:

"It is important for all of the Universities and entities working on research and development projects in these common areas to be coordinated and all have agreed to work with NASCO and to work for NASCO to play that role. Things are in their infancy and we are working on some baby steps to get this moving." Emphasis added.

After offering nothing else about the "tortilla initiative" and its other plans (not including specifically their maniacal Orwellian plan to track and tax everyone, which is discussed in other parts of this blog), NASCO goes on to discuss "NASCO in the media" and it complains about "conspiracy theorists." This label is not and never was an appropriate label for people who criticize NASCO. In light of the activities NASCO is participating in, specifically the imposition of a a totalitarian police/welfare/warfare state, I think that people who criticize NASCO are not only well-founded, but doing a public service. If NASCO believes things that I am saying are untrue and unsupported in fact, I have heard no such specific criticism. Consistent with what I have seen and what I am saying, NASCO writes in its May 30, 2007 minutes:

"[S]till have 'conspiracy theorists' out there. They will never go away. Over the summer, NASCO will work to set up some Editorial Board meetings with major newspapers along the corridor to get the word out about what NASCO is and isn't. We have had some very good press as of late, combating the conspiracies, and NASCO staff will make sure that we put links to those articles on our website."

You are right about one thing Tiffany Melvin, we will never go away.

So that we can end all of these "conspiracies," will NASCO submit and cooperate with a comprehensive documentary about it and examination of all of NASCO's records, including all of its funding sources and banking information?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

NASCO writes propaganda letters for Department of Tranportation Commissioners' Signature

I have received a batch of new document from the good folks at OK SAFE. There is so much here that I can't do it all justice in one posting. Therefore I am going to break it down and start with the first thing I read.

What I read is an email from Tiffany Melvin, Director of NASCO, to Dawn Sullivan at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. In this e-mail, Ms. Melvin sends a boilerplate letter of support praising her and NASCO for the signature of the Departments of Transportation of Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, and Iowa.

It appears this letter is intended to obtain bureaucratic bolstering of NASCO's diabolical mission. In a letter which has fill-in-the-blanks for various states' transportation officials, I excerpt as follows:

"as the XXXXXXX of the XX Department of Transportation and a member of...NASCO...I understand that NASCO is about to implement a federally funded pilot program entitled NAFTRACS...Thank you for the leadership and efforts of NASCO on this important project. We look forward to participating and to hearing from you soon."

There are many comments and thoughts I have about this passage, many of which are just not appropriate for family consumption. We have already established NASCO's direct connection with the military industrial complex and Red China. Surely, none of us as citizens have the influence bestowed upon us by the benevolent military industrial complex to draft letters in support of us for signature by the Commissioners/Directors of Transportation of four different states.

What is going on here? Pure, unadulterated and arrogant corruption. While a bridge that I drove on regularly collapsed, my trusted government officials were negotiating with NASCO, Lockheed Martin, and Red China to track my every movement in my vehicle. They arrogantly continue on this unwise course. It is going to produce results with which no one except the criminals who profit from it will be happy.

I have contacted my state legislator, Bev Scalze, about this issue and she has not responded to me. We absolutely, without any shred of a doubt, need a law in Minnesota absolutely forbidding our state to have any association with NASCO. The existence of these plans is not mere conjecture or fanciful imagination, it is laid bare in the documents myself and other folks have obtained and which are available for your review right here.

If you want to know what is coming for us, please read Sal Costello's Blog. Texas is THE front line of toll road battle, and Mr. Costello is one of the top leaders of the resistance there. Through no fault of Mr. Costello, this front is starting to resemble the Maginot Line under Hitler's Blitzkrieg because not enough well-minded citizens know about this issue. This must end now.

If you like driving, you better listen up NOW! This is absolutely real.

Contact your legislator, contact me, tell your friends and your family, bullhorn your capital building, ask your trusted government officials about this. This is not a forgone conclusion. We are the people, and we ultimately run this show, even though we have been told for several generations that this is somehow no longer the case.

I am actively looking for similarly concerned people to join me in this issue. It is the frontline of the battle for our civil liberties and our humanity. Anyone is welcome, but people with time to discuss and implement projects and articles are also most certainly welcome.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The files are now improved and NASCO and Lockeed Martin continue their nefarious agenda undeterred and unabated.

The files hosted on my website are now "right-side up" and are also now searchable. Further, the good people at have completed a large open records law request from their Department of Transportation and are going to be shipping those documents to me. Once I receive them, I will get them scanned in and searchable as soon as possible. I have not seen them yet, but from what I have heard from the OK-SAFE people the Orwellian NASCO NAFTRACS Initiative continues unabated as NASCO continues to run interference for Lockheed Martin and its Red Chinese partners.

Stay tuned, this battle is just heating up and will continue for the foreseeable future. I encourage all of you to contact your legislators, wherever you may be, and tell them your state should disassociate itself with NASCO and Lockheed Martin.

Further, I encourage everyone to purchase or check out from your library The Late Great USA by Dr. Jerome Corsi. This NAFTRACs plan is part of a larger plan to strip the United States and Canada of their manufacturing power (what's left of it) and flood the United States and Canada with cheap goods from China. This plan is not good for Mexico, the United States, Canada, or China. Workers in China receive wages that are even too cheap for Mexico to compete with. The planned port in Lazaro-Cardenas, Mexico is designed to circumvent the Longshoremen's Union on the West Coast and to break the United Transportation Union. This is not a left-right issue, this is a human citizen issue. These plans benefit the elite and large corporations while further subjugating the United States and Canada to them and further turning China into a plantation of labor for cheap goods. No human deserves the ill effects of these nefarious plans, whether they be Mexican, American, Canadian, or Chinese.

Please, please, please, turn off American Idol, MTV, or the Caveman show brought to you by an insurance Company and wake up to the reality of what is going on with the world. I know it's not pleasant, but it is real and these are serious times. Whatever you have traditionally considered your political persuasion to be, this is an issue that unites all of us.

Stay tuned to this, and do some more research to tune yourself in.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The files are now UP!

With the assistance of a friend, I have now hosted the documents on my law office website. They are located at, and there is a hotlink to this in the margin on the side of this blog. Please feel free to download them and read them at your leisure. They are in PDF format.

Friday, May 25, 2007

NASCO, Lockheed Martin, and “Total Domain Awareness”: Hell on earth

Despite persistent claims to the contrary and nearly limitless nauseating marketing and public relations platitudes, evidence of the steady progression of North American economic integration is available to anyone with a little knowledge of state open records laws, persistence, and a desire for a future bereft of oppression. Further, NASCO’s cooperation with the Security and Prosperity Partnership is admitted and boasted of in their promotional materials supplied to their members. The reach of this tracking is continent-wide.

A recent request under the Minnesota Data Practices Act yielded a treasure trove of damning information. Foremost among these documents was a Letter of Intent between North America’s Supercorridor Coalition, Inc. and Savi Networks, LLC, a wholly own subsidiary of Lockheed Martin. Along with the Letter of Intent were hundreds of pages of documents detailing how NASCO plans to implement the infrastucture of the NAFTA Superhighway.

This document details Lockheed Martin's plan to utilize NASCO to track, control, and tax “all modes of transportation.” NASCO has insisted again and again that it does not promote a “NAFTA Superhighway.” Upon review of these documents, it’s clear that NASCO and Lockheed Martin have a “better” idea: attach a tracking device to all modes of transportation and, as a “long-term objective,” “design, fund, implement, operate and maintain a self-sustaining business that facilitates surface transportation.” Maybe NASCO wasn’t lying when it said it doesn’t support a new “NAFTA Superhighway.” Why would anyone want to improve any infrastructure when Lockheed Martin and NASCO can simply attach a tracking device to all modes of transportation and have “revenue sharing” with the government? This sounds like a pretty profitable endeavor for a self-described “non-profit organization.” The interplay of Lockheed Martin (a for profit company), NASCO (a “non-profit” organization), and various governmental entities in this whole scheme is disturbing to say the least. However, they are not surprising to those who pay close attention. One wonders how the revenue made off of the populace is to be parceled out between these various interests. Oh wait, NASCO and Lockheed Martin are going to work that out in their “definitive agreement.” It’s about time Lockheed Martin got a cut out of my trip to the grocery store.

The “centerpiece” of this plan is the concept of Total Domain Awareness. What is “Total Domain Awareness?” It is an Orwellian nightmare involving: the ability to “[a]utomatically gather, correlate, and interpret fragments of multi-source (Radar, AIS, & GPS tracks, Open Source, Intelligence, Watch list & Law Enforcement Report, CCTV, Bioterrorism sensors) data together into one collaborative portal-based environment [sic].” This sounds even worse than a huge superhighway, no wonder why NASCO never mentions any of these details on its website.

All of this information is going to be fed into one central location that NASCO has shamelessly named the "Center of Excellence." At least Orwell's tyrants had the dignity to be creative with the names of their various maniacal bureaucracies. So, who or what will administer the “Center of Excellence?” Well, what better place to house this Orwellian nightmare than: “Lockheed Martin’s militarized GTN (Global Transportation Network) Command and Control System?” The Total Domain Awareness system has already “been installed and is operating and is operating in Washington, DC & Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation (The “Lighthouse”) in Chesapeake, VA [sic].”

We will all be much safer with Lockheed Martin tracking our movements from Washington, DC.

This troubling plan is laid bare in a series of email exchanges detailing the courting and recruitment of a few Minnesota Bureaucrats by a few persistent NASCO lobbyists. Under the provisions of the Minnesota Data Practices Act, the state was required to release all of its information relating to Minnesota’s membership in NASCO. Just beneath the surface of all on these documents is the undisputable hand of military industrial complex giant Lockheed Martin. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was not kidding when he said in 1961: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”
Truly, a major defense contractor tracking our every move here in our own country is undoubtedly a threat to our liberties. If President Eisenhower were alive today, he might say: “See, I told you so.”

This is yet another menacing aspect of the toll road lobby, one they really don’t want you to know about at all.

Toll road schemes

I have created this blog specifically to post information I have learned regarding the NASCO organization that I obtained via a request to view documents at the Minnesota Department of Transportation under the Minnesota Data Practices Act.

There is a ton of information in the documents, and I am going to figure out how to post them all in PDF format. I encourage everyone to review them and write about them as they please.

What will follow is a brief article I wrote summarizing the worst news these documents contain. I assure the authenticity of these documents, as I made the request myself and reviewed the documents myself, and they have been in my possession entirely since obtaining them from MN DOT.