Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update on Minnesota Department of Agriculture & its Raw Milk Surge.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has adopted the position that the Minnesota Statute permitting the sale of Raw Milk can only be accomplished under the following the circumstances:

1) Directly from a dairy farmer;

2) Sold at a dairy farm, purchased by the consumer directly. One cannot have a friend pick up some milk for you if they are in the area, one cannot hire ANYONE to deliver the milk. Not the farmer's son, not the farmer himself (running a dairy farm is a job that requires constant attention).

3) A farmer cannot set up bottling facilities and sell his milk. Existing bottling facilities approved for sale of pasteurized milk are not acceptable.

4) Consumer must bring their own bottling materials. Forget about buying a nice jug of milk from an already inspected bottling facility. Bring your own jug, bring a bucket, bring your oil pan, bring your cat litter pan, all of these are acceptable over the dreaded farmer bottling the milk.

Is this freedom? Wake up people! Is raw milk legal in Iran? What are Iran's laws on raw milk?

If anyone from the Department of Agriculture disputes any of these distillations of its policies, I will immediately publish their response on this blog. My investigation reveals this summary to be accurate.

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Chris said...

Isn't it the case that it's not just "Minnesota Statute" but the very Constitution of the state that allows citizens to buy raw milk (or any food product) directly from farmers?

I'm as incensed as you are, but just wanted to be sure this perhaps minor point was clear.