Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BREAKING: Among the Thugs, Mark Dayton's Department of Agriculture's Theft From Alvin Schlangen Today

At 9:00 this morning, Alvin Schlangen was boxed in near Macalester College. Two St. Paul squad cars and two Department of Agriculture squad cars boxed in Alvin Schlangen's van as he stopped to deliver eggs to a co-op in St. Paul. He was not arrested, but his van was impounded with all of its farm-fresh contents. He was not allowed to deliver eggs to the co-op. His van was taken to 625 Robert Street and remains there with its contents. The people from the Department of Agriculture apparently had a warrant.

The Department of Agriculture indicated that they were stealing all of the contents of Alvin's van. There are 60 families awaiting milk and eggs and other food from Alvin.

Presently at 11:00 a.m. Alvin Schlangen is at the Department of Agriculture Headquarters awaiting word from government officials about what is going to happen to the contents of the truck.

We can see that the Mark Dayton administration is every bit as bad as the Tim Pawlenty administration on the issue of food freedom. Raw milk is legal in Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture just doesn't believe people can cooperatively own cows and have milk that they have paid for delivered by an agent of the farmer. As dark people are bombed overseas to bring them freedom, we live in an intolerable police state at home. I have remarked several times that there is likely much more food freedom in Iran than there is in the United States. Further, real food safety threats like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame are never investigated by the "authorities."

Call Governor Mark Dayton today and tell him you don't agree with his police state tactics interfering with food freedom: 651-201-3400.

Stay tuned for updates.


Nigel Parry said...

So what's the exact excuse (AKA statute) that they are using to seize this stuff with? And was it the eggs, or the milk specifically that they were after?

Trina said...

I believe the charge was operating without a license. But they proceeded to remove food from the warehouse too, after the took it all from his van.
So if any other retailer has licensing issues, does their inventory get seized?
Here's one town that's doing the right thing:

sean said...

I just read the warrant and towards the end of it it gives out all the details. It sounds like they tried to work with him over the last year and he kept pushing along.

It sounds like they have some silly laws - but in general it appears he was running a pretty big business without a proper license and thats what got him in trouble.

Stupid i know, but probably could have been avoided. Is raw milk really illegal in MA?

The warrant claimed he would leave the mil in his delivery van overnight - is that safe?? I thought raw milk needed to be refrigerated? Also said he was buying the raw milk from other sources and telling them it was intended for animal use then bottling it and reselling it. I sure hope those cows where the milk was coming from were grass fed.

I think it's easy to blame the institution and government, but it also appears there may be more to the story.

NOTAL said...

Thanks for the information Nathan. Keep us updated. I'm also curious on the specifics of what they are accused of.

Nathan M. Hansen said...

Read the search warrant, which I have posted, and you will see exactly what they are complaining about.