Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The RINO NINO and the Billion Dollar Bonding Bill (SF 2360). Oust the RINO NINO!

Today the Minnesota Senate passed a $1 billion bonding bill (SF 2360).In a Legislature controlled by the DFL, this is not surprising.What is surprising and disappointing is that nine “Republicans” voted for this monstrosity.A plan to “create jobs” by borrowing money and spending it on government projects is ridiculous.Government does not create wealth; it merely redistributes and destroys wealth.Here are the NINE “Republican In Name Only” (RINO) Senators who voted for this terrible piece of legislation:

Bill G. Ingebrigtsen
Michael Jungbauer
Paul Koering
David Senjem
Gen Olson
Steve Dille
Dennis Frederickson
Pat Pariseau
Joe Gimse

That David Senjem would vote for this as the Minority Leader in the Senate does not bode well for Republican resistance in the Senate. His leadership of the GOP in the Senate is called into question by this vote.Even if you are a minority; you were all elected to stand up for your constituents. Would it be a sound plan for your constituents to max out their credit cards and incur as much debt as they can to make themselves wealthier?

Minnesota families and businesses simply cannot continue to support an ever-expanding state government.

Moody's has revised the outlook on the State of Minnesota's general obligation bonds and state supported debt to negative from stable. Further, Moody's has affirmed the state's Aa1 general obligation rating, and the Aa2 rating assigned to state supported debt, which includes the St. Paul Port Authority (State office building project), City of Bemidji lease appropriation, and the Minnesota Credit Enhancement Program.

Will borrowing even more money help us even more? I can see Student Government DFL types voting for this nonsense; but not any Republicans. This is why there is a growing resistance in this country against this type of arrogance. Times are tough for people, but for the public sector, the attitude continues to be: "It's my job or yours." Let's hope that this bill is met with stiff resistance in the Minnesota House and that Governor Pawlenty vetoes this terrible bill.We cannot continue to support RINOs representing us in our government.They sell us down the river with more debt and out of control spending. Oust the RINO NINO!


Scribbler de Stebbing said...

They need endorsement challenges. Even if chances are slim of success, this cannot go unanswered. Did they learn nothing from the Six two years ago?

Brent said...

"Did they learn nothing from the Six two years ago?"

No, the GOP never learns. The establishment remains the same, with the same arrogant beliefs, because they keep getting away with the same tricks. They infiltrate reform movements and use the admittedly scary democrat rule to convince weary conservative and independent voters that they have really changed "this time".