Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Twin Cities Rib Redux: Cap's, Ted Cook's, Big Daddy's 'Saturday Only,' Roosters, Rudolph's BBQ & Market BBQ

Not everything is wrong with the world. In the Twin Cities, where I have lived most of my life, we have some of the best rib joints in the world. Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed ribs. There was a place called PT Pit BBQ that we went to sometimes that was delicious. It is not now in business.

Many wonderful rib places thrive in the Twin Cities. I am offering reviews of the following restaurants with the utmost respect to all of them. I only mention them because I have positive things to say about them. I have carefully sampled all of the restaurants I mention and provide first hand analysis.

It's difficult to rank ribs, but the following is my Twin Cities Top 6:

1) Ted Cook's 19th Hole (South Minneapolis, Hwy 55 & 38th, at light rail stop by the Cardinal);
2) Big Daddy's Saturday Only (Dale & University, St. Paul);
3) Rudolph's (1933 South Lyndale Avenue, Mpls);
4) Market BBQ (Wayzata off 394);
5) Cap's (South Minneapolis, south of Ted Cooks, near Minnehaha Falls)
6) Rooster's (Randolph Avenue, St. Paul)

If you live in the Twin Cities or plan on visiting the Twin Cities, check out any of these rib places.

If you have not sampled ribs in the Twin Cities, you are missing out.

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