Monday, January 11, 2010

Is Norm Coleman Electable? Carbon Taxes, Bailouts, the expansion of the ATF & 30 years of Government Paychecks & Elections

The evidence of Norm Coleman's involvement in carbon tax bills has been covered previously in this blog. He co-sponsored a carbon tax bill with Chuck Schumer, Ron Wyden, and Amy Klobuchar. Norm also voted for the Bankster Bailout that has resulted in unknown amounts of money (by some estimates in excess of $27 trillion) going to Wall Street Banksters.

Norm Coleman is not electable for multiple reasons:

1) Has been a career politician for 30 years;
2) Voted for Bankster Bailout;
3) Has lost elections to wrestlers and comedians;
4) Only a tragic plane crash gave him the upper hand in an election;
5) Will profess that he supports gun rights but ATF has multiplied in size during his watch;
6) Will talk about how he is pro-life, but cannot point to any progress on this front in 30 years of public office.

Whoever you support for Governor of Minnesota, do not subject us to someone who is demonstrably an agent of Banksters. Go to your precinct caucuses on February 2, 2010 for the GOP and become a delegate against Bankster Bailouts.

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