Friday, January 15, 2010

Breaking: Norm Coleman says "i'm not looking for another elected ofice [sic]" in post on facebook.

In response to a recent post on his facebook wall by a well-known GOP activist, Jennifer DeJournett, Norm Coleman stated as follows:

"i have the greatest respect for all your efforts on behalf of our party and conserative values. i'm not looking for another elected ofice. but i do care about whether folks in this state can find a job and take care of their families. i also have a proven record as a former mayor of growing jobs by keeping lids on taxes and reforming govt-a record of real change!
i fully respect the endorsement process-but none of us should ever be afraid of listening to the voices of the people(or the party faithful). if that was done more often washington wouldn't be about to stuff government run health care down our throats!
all my best,

Everything I have heard indicates that Norm is running for Governor, therefore his written assertions on facebook appear to be simply not true. Norm's record of Bankster Bailouts and carbon tax bills have not done working people in Minnesota any favors. Bailouts for Wall Street elites have been put on our back and Norm voted for it. Norm seems to hint in this post replete with weasel words and equivocation that there is some sort of grassroots support for him to run for Governor.

I received a call from "Capitol Research Group" from a Washington DC area code a few days ago. They indicated that they were working off of a "MN GOP list." I don't know if it was a list they got from the MN GOP or not, I sort of doubt that it was received directly from the Party. The last question asked of me was: "Who would you vote for in a Norm Coleman versus Mark Dayton governor race?" Obviously, this is the Washington establishment putting forth its dream slate of "heads I win, tails you lose" candidates.

Stay tuned.

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