Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Omnibus Higher Education Bill Contains $15 Million Corporate Subsidy to Biotech. Stop S.F. 2093!

In Minnesota, the Government is only interested in taking your DNA and storing it if you are a newborn or if you are a felon. Within a few short decades, the entire population will have a sample of their DNA on record with the Government. The question of what is being done with this DNA collected by force is one that has yet to be sufficiently answered or explained.

The State Government is facing a $6 billion dollar budget shortfall. The Democrats have proposed $2 billion in tax increases, and beleaguered Republicans are battling to reduce the size of the Government. According to the House Minority Leader, Marty Seifert, the Governor has his red veto pen poised.

Just like there are new disguises for Eugenics programs, there is a new name for fascism: "public/private partnerships." In S.F. 2083, it is proposed that the government give $15 million dollars to a "partnership" between the University of Minnesota's and the Mayo Clinic. In a time of a record budget deficit, bankster bailouts, budget busting "stimulus" laws, and Federal Government ownership of strategic manufacturing concerns, we are faced with a $15 million direct subsidy for a private entity, which reads in relevant part as follows:

"Subd. 6.University of Minnesota and Mayo
Foundation Partnership


16.33For the direct and indirect expenses of the
16.34collaborative research partnership between
17.1the University of Minnesota and the Mayo
17.2Foundation for research in biotechnology
17.3and medical genomics. An annual report
17.4on the expenditure of this appropriation
17.5must be submitted to the governor and the
17.6chairs and ranking minority members of
17.7the senate and house of representatives
17.8committees responsible for higher education
17.9and economic development by June 30 of
17.10each fiscal year.
17.11If appropriations to the Board of Regents are
17.12reduced under Minnesota Statutes, section
17.1316A.152, all parties to the partnership and
17.14the chairs of the legislative committees with
17.15jurisdiction over higher education finance
17.16must be consulted before the Board of
17.17Regents reduces the amount spent under this
17.18subdivision during the biennium ending June
17.1930, 2011."

We have heard from some members of the House of Representatives, quite presciently, about the ripoffs that have occurred in state social welfare programs. However, we need to have a serious heart-to-heart discussion about welfare for the pet projects of other private actors. These include, but are not limited to: various fictitious entities, businesses, or "partnerships." Other similar government-run central economic programs include "JOBZ" Zones, in which the people in the government attempt to decide where various businesses should be located, in their expert opinion.

Democrats in the Legislature, together with some cooperative "Republicans" have pushed hard to shut down opposition to their plans to collect our DNA and hand them over to the Government and private entities without our consent. We are not the cattle of the government and the people who own it. This is not supposed to be a plantation. This money is not for the "genetic testing" for rare genetic diseases; over a million dollars a year is already being spent by the Minnesota Department of Health for this testing, and this contract is located here on this blog. This money in S.F. 2083 is entirely separate, and does not include the tens of millions of dollars that have been given to this "partnership" via grants given by the Minnesota Department of Economic Development and

Republicans need to stand up and be Republicans and stop this nefarious eugenics enterprise. In the time of a $6 billion budget deficit, foreclosed homes, empty commercial properties, and very high unemployment, we cannot afford a $15 million corporate subsidy. Contact Governor Pawlenty and your representatives in the Minnesota State Legislature and tell them to put a stop to the millions of dollars in corporate subsidies in the Omnibus Higher Education Bill.

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