Friday, May 29, 2009

The Heart of Neoconservatism is Communism: The Release of MN GOP State Central Committee email list by the blog "Minnesota Conservatives"

The heart of neoconservatism (rife on the blog "Minnesota Conservatives", see this Neocon gem of a "Islamofascist" post, for example) is communism (Ron Paul on the communist roots of "neoconservatism"). Consistent with this philosophy of socialism and communism, the authors of "Minnesota Conservatives" have misappropriated private property that did not belong to them.

While I agree there could likely be an electronic ability to securely login and communicate with other members of state central (of which I am a member), this neoconservative/communist conversion of this property was untoward, precipitant, and otherwise not consistent with bolstering the integrity and strength of our party.

These lists posted publicly render them largely useless and subject to spamming by people who might not particularly care for Republicans. It takes a lot of money and resources to develop and maintain these lists, and they need to be protected. There are plenty of means by which we can communicate with our fellow Republicans, such as these blogs, and twitter, and facebook, and the telephone. If the folks who have spent so much time whining about being given party lists for free (socialism) spent 1/4 of that time to pick up the phone and call some people and develop some contacts around the state, they would have already built their own damn list by now.

The State Central list is provided to candidates who are running for party offices. It is my understanding that they sign a contract wherein they agree to specific terms by which they will use the lists. Violating that contract can be a serious matter.

Email addresses in an of themselves are not private, but the collection of them, when carefully collected and kept private, can be considered a trade secret. The law protects trade secrets. Lists are assets. If everyone has the list, as in the neoconservative communist utopia envisioned by John Gilmore, author of "Minnesota Conservatives," then they are worthless. Would DFLers like to spam our lists? You bet there would be that element in that party who are probably going to do so already as a result of these actions.

It does not appear that Mr. Gilmore "stood them down" (his words, not mine) in this case, as he has now removed the e-mail addresses from his blog. I don't find the release of these e-mail addresses to be in the least bit cute, funny, or just.

Instead of whining about getting something someone else made for free, we need to act like real conservatives and build our own stuff. The time spent whining about the lists is time wasted and entirely not constructive. Go out and fight the statists, not each other.

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