Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Globalism and Pandemics: The International Monetary Fund, World Bank, WHO, et al vs. Individuals and the Sovereignty of Nations.

I attended a Continuing Legal Education course entitled: “What's Next in Law, Health & the Life Sciences? Debating Openness, Access & Accountability” on March 6, 2009 (I know the video says March 19, 2009, but I was mistaken when I encoded the video, consider it a clerical error). It was recommended to me by another attorney who knew I was interested in these issues. It exceeded my expectations. I got in two questions at two different presentations. At the first presentation, I asked about something one of the lecturers had said: that the Department of Homeland Security had special access to a special DNA database at the United States Department of Health. The answer I received (video later perhaps) was that this would used to track “criminals and their families.” (this is my best recollection, but this was the general answer to my question).

The second question to Larry Gostin was even better. This avowed globalist and architect of the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act ends a speech about how we all need "Global Health Governance" imposed with the financing and control of the IMF and World Bank with two questions. The first is from a Professor in the Philosophy Department, and the latter question is from me. Notice how his body language changes when I am about halfway through my question:

Like Global Warming and this fake and illegal Ponzi scheme "credit crisis," there is another scam being run called "Global Health Governance." Globalism is part and parcel of ongoing collection of our DNA, including that of newborns.

Furthermore, I have some new documents that I have posted that I received in response to a Data Practices Act Request that I made quite some time ago. Our DNA is already involved in studies wherein International Corporations located in foreign countries are involved as "co-principal investigators" in studies on the DNA of Minnesota's Children. One such study is entitled: "New GALT Galtactose-1 Phosphate Uridyl Transferase Feasibility Study" involves "PerkinElmer Life & Analytical Sciences located in Turku, Finland." If you look at the thirteenth page of this document, you will see that "local support" for PerkinElmer, lies with "Janet Perkins, Genetic Screening - Sales...Shelton, Connecticut."

Why is our DNA being harvested at our own expense for private profit? These documents, from the Minnesota Department of Health, indicate that this exactly what is going on. On page 42 of this PDF document, one Minnesota Department of Health Supervisor says: "It looks exempt to me, it seems to be covered by the newborn screening franchise" in response to an email about whether the Department's Institutional Review Board would have to approve this study based out of Turku, Finland. As I have written about previously in this blog, the State of Minnesota's contract with the Mayo Clinic for blood spot analysis has a clause that could very easily be treated catchall backdoor to keep and study blood spots for all manner of purported reasons. It appears that this is most certainly the case. The "franchise" the supervisor is referring to is likely the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.

The Minnesota Omnibus Higher Education Bill, which I wrote about a short while ago, passed with $16 Million in direct state payments to the Partnership, in substantial form to the legislation cited before in my prior article. There are myriad other areas lurking in the legislation recently passed directing other money to the Partnership and its affiliate "public-private" bureaucracies.

If one were ever in doubt that we are the property of the state, such doubt should be erased by this program in which our state government pays for our DNA to be collected to a private entity, which in turn provides it to another private entity for development of "genetic testing" for sale.

We are not livestock!

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