Monday, September 29, 2008

Flag returned last week, my new RNC videos & Help stop the "bailout"

I just got off the telephone with Jeff Austin, the man whose flag had been stolen by RNC "Red Hats" during the convention. He indicated to me that the flag had been returned to him last week and that it had been sent to him by Steve Rogers, a delegate from Minnesota Congressional District 5. I do not know from whom Mr. Rogers received the flag. If anyone knows I would be interested to speak to them. Mr. Austin was grateful he had his flag returned, and I am glad he got it back as well. Even so, the flag should never have been taken in the first place.

During the convention, I took several short videos with me, Corey Sax, Grant Cermak and a cast of other characters. I have gleaned through many of them and am posting those I found the most worthy of sharing. I should warn the prospective viewer though that there is some occasional foul language and disturbing police state crackdown coverage.

Here is Corey Sax interviewed by me about the Youtube booths:

Here is a massive police state motorcade in Minneapolis (I curse a little in this one, sorry):

Me on the floor of the RNC Convention before it began:

Ostensibly in violation of the nearly fifty-year old embargo, Cuban Sandwiches were being served in a secret area inside the RNC Convention. In support of these brave protesters, I ate one of their $8.00 Cuban sandwiches. It tasted like it was made in Cuba and shipped here for re-heating. I consider it a clue further evidencing communist influence at the Convention:

And finally, myself, Corey Sax and Grant Cermak at the Captain Morgan Bar in the bowels of the Convention Center:

I have some more things to write about coming up soon, including a special data practices act update from an agency I have not dealt with before. Call all of your people in Congress everyday to complain until they submit, quit, or are defeated. Complain right now about the bailout. Complain about everything else they do nearly everyday to control us, monitor us, steal from us, rip us off, and steal our freedom.

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