Friday, May 9, 2008

It does not appear that MN DOT is a member of NASCO anymore, but Lockheed Martin still is, and NAFTRACS is being implemented in Minneapolis.

Despite the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN DOT) no longer being listed as a member of NASCO on NASCO's Member List, NASCO's website proudly reports, in press release appropriately tagged "NAFTRACS, Tracking & Tracing":

NASCO NOTE: THREE OF THE EIGHT PIONEER ICM SITES chosen by US DOT for the below ICM program over 2006-to-2011 reside upon the NASCO Corridor backbone Interstate Highway 35 at San Antonio, and Dallas, Texas, and in Minneapolis, MN, respectively. A core focus of NASCO’s NAFTRACs cargo movement tracking, management and security initiative under the auspices of the U.S. DOT is the use of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) information gathering assets in place already and assisting in urban congestion. The objective is to evaluate NAFTRACS as a model tool to integrate now disparate ITS congestion mitigation tools within each state and across the states on the NASCO Corridor so as to provide public and private users of NAFTRACS a near real-time, web-based common operating picture of actual traffic and freight movement conditions across the U.S. heartland."

This means that NASCO has not abandoned its plans with Lockheed Martin, written about and documented with their own documents elsewhere in this blog, to run their profitable tracking system, NAFTRACS. One can note, as mentioned in the title of this entry, that Lockheed Martin remains a member of NASCO. As a matter of fact, everything is going along as planned.

It appears that NASCO has hung its hat (along with Lockheed Martin) on the reliable corruption of the federal government, specifically US DOT, to implement its plan. Better for them anyway, that way there can be no doubt that the taxpayers can spend every single dime for their own electronic prison. Heaven forfend Lockheed Martin spend any of its own money on its Orwellian control grid. I have also posted a grant in this blog from US DOT for the NAFTRACs project. This is properly described as the "socialization of risk," in which the taxpayers take all of the risk and "private" industry reaps all of the rewards. This is not capitalism or free markets. This is a "kleptocracy" and one more aspect of controlling every aspect of people's lives. From the Real ID Act, to DNA collection on children and cameras everywhere in every form, the military industrial complex has us in its grip.

Just yesterday evening, I was driving northbound on I-494 in Plymouth and traffic was reduced by a lane. I checked carefully at the truck that had traffic slowed down, and it was a company that said on its truck that it installed camera surveillance equipment - welcoming me to the police state.

As folks are rightfully furious about the things going on with the collection of childens' DNA in Minnesota, an issue covered extensively and heroically by the Citizens Council on Health Care, we need to be wary of the present and impending police state in all of its incarnations.

We are under attack on many fronts. I wish more people would pay attention. Civil liberties and freedom need to be the top issues for the foreseeable future. Those compromising on these issues, whatever their party affiliation, need to be campaigned against and voted out of office forthwith.

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