Friday, May 2, 2008

Case against MN DOT dismissed via stipulation, new documents from Minneapolis show us Big Brother's relentless pursuit of ubiquity.

I have not updated this blog for some time. There have been many things I would like to write about, but I have suffered a "writer's block" of sorts. In early January of this year, I dismissed my lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Transportation in exchange for payment of my costs. MN DOT had not answered my lawsuit, which I had served upon MN DOT in person and by serving the Attorney General, which should be good service of process. Shortly after the service of the lawsuit, I received some documents I had requested. As I wrote in my earlier post, I have some suspicion about whether I actually received all of the documents. Even so, it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove this.

Since my last post, I have also received documents I requested from the City of Minneapolis about the red light traffic cameras that were found to be violative of Minnesota Law and the run of the mill "Big Brother" cameras that are being installed everywhere. The information I obtained contains a contract with a company out of South Dakota for the installation of these cameras. There are a lot of questions I have about this system.

I have serious doubts about whether there is any real interest in fighting crime with them. A friend of mine who is also an attorney works downtown on the main floor of a building. A criminal came into their office and picked up a laptop computer and ran with it. His fleeing was caught on camera. Her boss went down to the precinct where the police had an array of cameras and had caught the criminals flight on camera. The police had very little interest in investigating this crime other than the taking of a report. This leads me to believe that these cameras have very little to do with fighting crime and a lot to do with command and control of the population - us, their sheep, their cattle, their livestock.

It's my suspicion that theft from fellow citizens is just not important to them. These cameras are for the selective enforcement of the laws I have come to expect - turn your back on major crimes and only randomly or perniciously enforce other more petty crimes, or even worse, prosecute conduct that isn't really a crime and overcharge and vigorously pursue it - even multiplying charges to confuse juries and stampede the justice system.

What is going on is much larger than cameras or tracking devices written about in this blog. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue - it's my belief that in large part an artificial construct designed by our controllers to control the debate. The real issue is best summed up as continuing and increasing command and control of the population versus individual liberty.

I am a Republican and have been so for most of my conscious life. The Republican party as it exists today has been infiltrated by Trotzkyite Socialists who will say anything to get elected and then do something else completely.

I am an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in September and will be attending.

My party needs to be taken back by people who love liberty. This line of thinking is a whole other matter and I don't want to run too far afield with it, but I wanted put it out there. I believe it is of note because I am a Republican, and I am criticizing the "Big Brother" activities of an avowedly "Liberal Democrat" Mayor - R.T. Rybak. Since when are the Democrats so big on a police state? The Democrats are suffering from a similar malady as many Republicans: these politicians say one thing and do something entirely different. Each side thinks their elected representatives believe in something they voted for, only for the representatives to go off and continue their support for the police state and other undesirable schemes.

With regard to NASCO, please go to their site and get updated. People with the time and inclination should keep up with what they are doing and attend their conferences. I have video provided to me by someone who attended one of their conferences. It is my intention to put up portions of it on youtube or google video. There is one speaker they hired who goes into great detail about how the sovereignty of Mexico, Canada and the United States needs to be eliminated. I am so ashamed and disgusted that my state pays for membership in an organization that hires speakers like this.

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