Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some Documents obtained from MN DOT Today, Lockheed Martin Still wants to be Big Brother to you, and we have always been at war with Oceania.

Today I picked up a little over six hundred pages from MN DOT Central Office in St. Paul. The prior request I made generated over 3,000 pages of documents. The fewer number of documents obtained this time arises my suspicion. Further, there was at least one document not in there that should have been in there, and that is the fully executed non-binding letter of intent between NASCO and SAVI Networks, which was obtained by the ok-safe people in Oklahoma. Although NASCO is always talking about shipping containers in most of its documents, it is the non-binding letter of intent that says that the plan is to involve "all modes of transportation."

I am going to digest much of what I have obtained and read so far and write more about it. This nefarious plan continues and it must be stopped. Now that I know how to upload documents and link to them I can produce some nice material with pertinent hotlinks. I was a little naive before to think people would navigate through all of the documents like myself and a select few other people do.

As I have said time and time again, Lockheed Martin, a flagship member of the Military Industrial Complex in the United States and a major defense contractor, is the major force behind this NAFTRACS plan. A good example of this is this email in which one Bob Johns tells Brad Larsen of MN DOT: "Our local Lockheed office seems to be a big player--influencing earmarks."

Well, no kidding. There is a weird "sole source" grant that was given to NASCO from US DOT for NAFTRACS. Lockheed Martin adds insult to injury by having we the people pay for our own transportation enslavement to them. Whatever politicians are whoring themselves to Lockheed Martin for this plan, those being influenced by the "local Lockheed office" should take heed: Times are changing and this sort of blatant corruption and pandering will not stand. There should be nothing more important than the interests of your constituents and their families, not your lobbyist pals from Lockheed.

There is much more I will write later. Much to my amusement, I made one of the MN DOT e-mails, in which one Mike Robinson writes to one John Bray: "This person retrieved e-mails through a data practices request. He has his own agenda and spins accordingly."

Indeed my bureaucrat friend, I do have an agenda but it is not the nefarious one you have been dragged into; it is the agenda of public interest and openness and honesty in government, not Lockheed Martin's "confidential" plans for an Orwellian control grid.

There was a time when it was understood that "public/private partnerships" were in fact the definition of fascism, which is combination of government with business, such as the Third Reich's Todt Organization.

Stay tuned, and wake up. Please contact your legislator about this.


Joe said...

Good job keep posting we'll keep reading you need to get posted in major media outlets, even though our newspapers suck in this market, and talk radio seems all too bought and paid for.

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