Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lawsuit to obtain documents related to MN DOT's membership in NASCO filed and served today.

I have been somewhat neglectful of writing more analysis of documents relating to NASCO and its partnership with the military industrial complex on this blog. In retrospect, I should have spent more time looking at the documents that the people from OK-SAFE sent to me. These documents are uploaded to my law office server now though and are available at

Even so, I have not forgotten about this issue. On August 2, 2007, I sent a request for updated documents related to MN DOT's membership in NASCO. After numerous telephone calls and letters to MN DOT's data practices office, I received a voice mail on October 25, 2007 that indicated that I would receive my documents "on Friday." I have not received any documents and I have not heard anything else.

The lack of responsiveness on the part of MN DOT has forced me to bring a lawsuit to compel compliance with the data practices act. I also seek mandamus relief, which is an alternative and "older" type of relief, but basically the same. My efforts are set forth in detail in the Complaint I filed today.

I don't seek large monetary damages out of the suit, other than the amount I paid for the filing fee and whatever nominal statutory damages may be allowed. My motivation is not monetary gain, but rather to obtain these documents. The NAFTRACS plan to track all transportation moves along unabated without any citizen input or control. The military industrial complex's plan to track and control the population must be exposed and stopped. I encourage everyone to examine this issue and contact their representatives about this issue.

Please watch this blog for updates about this lawsuit and other issues relating to NASCO, NAFTRACs, the North American Union, and Lockheed Martin.

If you live in Minnesota, please contact your State Senators and Representatives about this. If you live anywhere, please contact your representatives about the NAU and the NAFTRACs initiative. If these people ignore you, remember that when it comes to election day. Support politicians who oppose such Orwellian initiatives.

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